Potential zombie/disease novel


Hey that1german here, the new kid on the block. So I was wondering if there would be any interest in a zombie based novel. But instead of taking the route as Zombie Exodus or the Walking Dead, you’ll be trying to prevent such an outcome from happening. Got you interested yet? Good.

You’ll be playing as a field researcher who’ll see firsthand the horror the upcoming apocalypse will have. Hopping country to country, you and a team of researchers/soldiers will try to discover the origin of this menace. Will you be a savior of a broken world or will you succumb and join the horde as well?

Now I’ll be trying to add a new variation to this story. At the beginning, you’ll be choosing what kind of research you major in, options being virus and parasites (I’m looking for a third variable so any input on that would be appreciative), and what you choose will be what you’re going to be up against in the game. Victims of the virus that reanimates dead tissue will be slower and focus more of eating human flesh. However, if a parasitic cause were to be chosen, then the infected would be just as fast as a regular human, as their purpose isn’t to feed but to spread the parasites to other hosts. Each disease will offer a new play through and a way of playing.

So what do you think? Too similar to world war z (bonus stats for naming character Brad Pitt)? Any and all input will be appreciated. Thank you and have a nice day.


It sounds somewhat refreshing, if also somewhat linear (Just strictly a researcher, from what it seems)

Also, you could use a bacterium for the third variable.


I’ll incorporate other skills in the narrative. For example, in the armory, a soldier will ask if you have any knowledge of shooting a weapon and you’re choices would be a) I’ve actually shot fully automatic weapons at the range close to my house, b) I’ve hunted before with my old man and done pistol shooting, or c) I point this end at the dead guy, right? What you choose is what you’re weapon star will be. Of course it’ll also affect what other skills you’re good at. Wouldn’t want everyone to be overpowered and clear the play through easily right?


I think you should have a whimsical female partner (RO *cough cough*)


Well of course. I assume you’re volunteering?


But seriously, I’m not looking to really implement a romance factor into the game. You’re working on a cure and crossing across the globe for answers to this plague. Wouldn’t exactly be the right time for a booth call huh? (Sorry for late follow up. Just got back from work)


Night shifts?


Unfortunately :frowning:


O come on, where is the fun in that?


keep up on the good work! hope to see more updates


I’d be interested in playing this


@iElite1023 thanks for the support. Hopefully I’ll have a chapter up by mid July, maybe later if it takes awhile to get the hang of putting it in CS


Maybe the third variable can be bacterium or fungus?

I am in love with World War Z. Everything was just perfect in my opinion, so I have no objections if your story is somewhat identical or similar in any way. I’m just wondering about the action in your story. If you say that we’re a field researcher that is trying to prevent a mass apocalypse, does that mean that there won’t be much action?

In addition, I think that a lot of COG fans want romantic interests in the story. It’s definitely up to you whether or not you include them, but some might think it will be boring without some kind of romantic option.


If there is no romance then it should work by adding more action right?


Speaking strictly for myself, romances are a big factor for me. (I’d jump on a game that is 80 % romance and 20 % plot. Jump on it, pin it on the ground and lick it. In a strictly platonic, yet passionate way.)
A game without love interests is a game I probably won’t play. However, I’m sure there are plenty of other people who couldn’t care less whether romance is there or not.

And better you concentrate on the things you like to write about than throw in a half-assed attempt at some kind of romance. Tacked-on romance is way worse than no romance. (*side-eyes Choice of the Rock Star*)


Still leaning against the whole romance thing guys. The most I was gonna do that’s even close to that introduce a fiance/spouse. I will however develop them so that the player won’t think they’re just another npc, but instead motivation to actually try their hardest not too die.

And for action it’ll depend on where you go. Different countries will react and handle the situation in their own ways. The first country I was thinking of landing in was Haiti, which I guess is irony since the zombie legend as a whole began there, and after that the amazon to track down a recluse of a doctor. I guess you’ll have to be extra careful with the snakes and piranhas along with dead guys


And bullet ants!


I think I finally have a title. What do you guys think of “Preventative Measures”? I’m open to ideas if that one is well…stupid


I believe it’s preventive and not preventative, but it sounds good.


Quick question if anyone knows. How do you code gender specific titles? I just finish the part where you introduce your gender and I’m stuck on figuring out how to make a character call you mister or misses