A7X: Emergence [WIP]

Hey there,

This is my first attempt at contributing to the community. Although, I know there are quite a few other futuristic sci-fi interactive fictions out there, hopefully mine still brings something to the table.

The year is 2154, and an unknown sickness has infected a third of Earth’s population. Although highly contagious, it kills slowly, eating away at internal organs and nerve systems. The lifeless bodies it leaves behind are left with trace amounts of onyx dust, hence its name: The Onyx Plague. As of yet, no cure has been found, and the death toll is in the millions.

Desperate for a solution, the leaders of the Human Republic have authorized the R3 program to send an emissary to petition the Celestial Consulate for help.

That emissary is you.

You will traverse the galaxy, striking deals with unlikely allies, solve seemingly impossible situations for ancient races, and ultimately hold Earth’s fate in your hands. There are no easy choices when billions of lives are at stake.

Good luck, Emissary.


Here’s a link to my relatively short demo: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/270614168/web/mygame/index.html

I’d really appreciate any constructive feedback or just general criticisms. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask. Thanks in advance!

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I really liked playing. Especially the part about choosing whether or not to erase Lady Evgeniya’s memory. I noticed a few grammar errors.

Consular Yllka considers the question. "Perhaps one day you’ll be useful. Lesser races often do prove to be. (needs a “)

“I’m glad you understand. You are peculiar for a Human. I mean that as a compliment.” (you need an new paragraph here) “I suppose I should get going then.”

"How exactly does Space Travel work? (missing another “)

"Pleasure… (missing “)

Overseer looks at you bemusedly, “Why, the pleasure of your company, of course.” (need a new paragraph) “What is in the Nemian volume that you don’t want me to know?”

It’s a combination of mass effect and Star Wars: knights of the old republic, games which I love. Terrific game @Jem.

I like it. It was pretty fun and I didn’t come across any game errors. It didn’t seem that short of a short of a demo, but I would like to see more! Thanks for sharing it. :smiley:

I really like the concept of this story so far!
Just a question; Do we get to see more of Alphard??

This is amazing. What do you mean short? This was almost a full CoG by itself. Wonderful and I can’t wait to see where you go with this next.

Great game, really enjoyed it hope your going to update it :slight_smile:

@bearyboo: Ah, I seem to be making a pattern with the missing close quotations and line breaks, thanks for catching those. I’ll go over the entire thing with that in mind.

@MIGhunter: Those two series/games have definitely influenced me in addition to the MMORPG SWTOR. I’m glad you enjoyed it, thanks so much.

@CanadianKid32: Thanks :-* Unless your approval with Alphard is too low, you will definitely see more of her, possibly throughout the entire story.

@Beezlebub + @Outrageous: Thank you both for testing it out; by “short”, I mean in comparison to the overall story (which I realize I may be a bit ambitious about). My apologies for the confusion as I’m not entirely sure how long the average CoG is.

@The_Royalist1: Thank you very much :slight_smile: I very much intend to update it.

Sometimes it feels like the only dialogue choices are, if you’ll excuse me, “Paragon” ‘n’ “Renegade” choices, not many in-between. Very proud of you for doin’ this otherwise; I am a big fan of Bioware (when they aren’t rushed, o’course) an’ thankyou for includin’ an option for those like me in their choice of gender.

Alphard you have broken my heart! ;-;
Awesome game so far can’t wait to see where you go with this. :smiley:

Alphard totally killed me XD Is there another way to get her to like you more, my highest has been 7%, I guess that’s because we always got into sarcasm battles lol

Alphard don’t leave me I’ll miss you so much. She’s my… wife. Lol both those got to me, Alphard makes me laugh.

I loved making her mad, like “I don’t mind; I’ll get to spend more time with you” or “Does this means we are taking a break?” XD

I chose the same options. She was fun to banter with. Her reactions sealed the deal :smiley:

@Bagelthief: Thank you for playing, I really appreciate it. I will take that under advice and try to add a few more options that fall in between the “Paragon” and “Renegade” moral scale.

@Bloodhawkereaper + @WubWub117 + @Scrivener: I’m glad you all enjoyed the interactions with Alphard, and thanks for testing out the game.

Love the game one of my favourite latest ones carnt wait for more

Stoked for this. Alphard has my heart. I shall snuggle with her, and we can banter endlessly about it.

Alphard is amazing

Thanks guys, I was worried Alphard came off as too arrogant/rude. An update should be up in about a week, sorry for the wait.

Is there RO?