Interest check: a post-post-apocalytic psychological sci-fi thriller?

Hi, (and yes that thing in the topic title /\ sadly is the shortest genre description I could come up with), I had an idea for a game where you had to interact w/ an imaginary childhood friend…and it sort of accidently turned into this. I liked the idea of part of the game dynamic being that the player has to create, explore and fight for their new identity while desperately trying to save the day. Just wondering whether anyone would be interested in actually playing something like this? Any comments or suggestions would be great. Here’s plot summary :

The traumatic and devastating event known as the Long War is said to have lasted 50,000 years, it brought an end to the golden age of space exploration, brought humanity to the brink of extinction, and made their original homeworld uninhabitable to humans. 

Over the past three million years, the United Colonies have slowly spread out once again to re-colonise their old galactic empire, and now seemingly live in an advanced age of enlightenment and prosperity. 46.6% of humanity are born as clones, humanity is evolving into new enhanced subspecies, and a new crossbranch of scientific innovation called Meme-ware (-or Meme-tech, which sounds better you think?) allows humans to explore, alter and transfer memories, feelings and thoughts, and is used by Censorship and Data Control (nicknamed The Sector) to maintain peace across the galaxy, and to "correct" those that may harm this peace.

Within the dyson sphere headquarters of the Sector, within a research facility of the highest security clearance, you awake inside a freshly grown body, fully cloned from the DNA of dead Sector operative Eden Mackendrick, who died during a mission to transport a virus codenamed Thanatos. With the virus now missing and the death count rising, the Sector has downloaded Eden's memories into your neural network to try to discover the location of the virus and what happened. Yet instead of the exact copy of Eden they hoped for, they have inadvertantly created you, a brand new consciousness with thoughts and feelings all your own.

 With the threat of a galactic pandemic looming, you must uncover who released the virus and help find a cure, while remembering the fractured memories of another, both at times aided and thwarted by their childhood imaginary friend who has somehow set up residence in your psyche. To survive you will need to explore your new identity, master the skills of another, learn who to trust and gain allies, and fight for control over your own mind.

This idea of yours sounds really interesting.
I always had been a sucker for Post Apocalypse and Sci-Fi. :smile:
Moreover The idea of being a clone with some memory of someone else is really interesting.

Oh, hell yes. I’d definitely play something like this.
Make it happen :smiley:

I would think being a clone and having fractured memories along with a childhood imaginary friend resurface, for this to function you need the DNA of the deceased. Was the DNA subjected to some stray radiation scrambling the memories.

It does grab my imagination so look forward to watching this develop.

You had me at the genre.

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Sounds interesting and I definitely want to play it

sounds very interesting

This game is all I’ve ever hoped to get from life

Oh, sci-fi and post-post-apocalyptic? :grin:

Colour me interested! :blush: