"Tenezuela, an attempt to help people see life through the eyes of my people"


OK so I have had an idea for a game for the longest time and have decided i might as well put it out there. the story (SO FAR) is as follows.

In a broken down city, corrupted government and police, people starving left and right and crime ruling the streets, you play since birth to death. In this city, you can choose what you want to do with your life, do you want to get out and simply survive? Do you want to make a difference (WHICH MIGHT END YOU UP IN HISTORY BOOKS) and stand up to the government who will attempt anything to put you down?

This topic means a great deal to me as it deals with the realities of many people’s lives in a real place witch is run by a corrupt government called Venezuela . I have a great deal in background info in this topic as I am from Venezuela. Anyways, please tell me if so far the story sounds good. Thanks for your time.

EDIT: The demo might be coming out somewhere this week or next week. Thank you so much for all the support!


It sound pretty good. You should mAke it


Thank you, I am currently freaking out that somebody likes my idea but I will get to work ASAP!


yeah sounds good to me


I can’t wait to see what’s insore for our person we contol. I’m interested in seeing if this will be a spin off homeage to other book series in this genre.
However I can’t wait for you to get a demo out as soon as you are sure it is ready not befor that. And welcome to the COG cummunity!


Thanks, I really hope that I can turn it into that. I will work into getting a demo out ASAP. Thanks!


Welcome to COG. Your idea for a game sounds really interesting, there’s tons of stories about being a magical being in a fantasy world but very few about the reality of our own.

It would be great to have a game that dealt with the tough choices people have to make whilst living with crime and poverty.

I saw your other thread about finding it difficult to code. If you need help I know @kelvin has already offered but feel free to post questions on the forums as well as people here are more than happy to assist with individual issues.


This seems interesting can’t wait for more and the demo when you get round to it


YES! You should absolutely do it! If you’re looking for beta’s, or spellcheckers, i’d be happy to help.


Sounds like a good concept and as something important to you that you obviously know a lot about, I will be interested to see what it’s like.


I’d love to read it, you seem really dedicated to shedding light on certain issues. I say go for it.:slight_smile:


Thanks! I believe that my idea is a little different than some stuff that has been coming out lately, I hoped that it would stick out and I think it is.


Thank you! Yes at some point and time we will need some beta testers, I’ll be happy to contact you.:slight_smile:


This is definitely a different genre than what I am used to! But I am quite interested, and I can certainly feel your passion! :grinning:
It is always a good thing to raise people’s knowledge and awareness, especially on real life matters such as corruption.


Thanks! Yes my ultimate goal is to raise awareness on the current situation in my home country (Venezuela).


No problem! I’ve always liked reading books that raise awareness. I personally know almost next to nothing about Venezuela so I’m looking very forward to this.


No prob, @ajakax. Glad to be of assistance.


Same here, however one of our local broadcasters used to subtitle and re-broadcast something called mr. Venezuela a show which always used to have super-cute contestants (and you Venezuelans do know to make a far better show and spectacle out of your male pageants, our European ones are usually quite boring with the underwear segment lasting all of two seconds and far too much talking with family and friends of the contestants, to the point where it takes up most of the broadcasted show, instead of focusing on the cuties themselves).


I’d be VERY interested in this, I think it’s an amazing idea and a great way to talk about certain issues. Can’t wait for your demo!


Great idea! very good idea i was actually thinking alot of stories that could be make in CoG that no one have made before and its basically like this story soo i support u sir/madam :slight_smile: