I have to get this off my chest, I mean no harm, I just expect better


I posted this on a spur of the moment on an announcement thread so the context goes along with that thread but it was such a long post that I am making it’s own thread for it;

I have to say something to the management of CoG and everyone who may agree. I don’t know if it deserves its own thread but I have to say this.

I really love these CoG games, just like everyone else here. We even check on updates/news daily! Not one of us, I have seen been upset, maybe down, but not upset/rude about these release date changes.

However, have we ever got a message or explanation on why CoR and Trials got changed to 21? I mean I know things happen, that’s why everone is so polite.

However at CoG you guys created a new wave of gaming believe it or not. You got us hooked on a new format and created a stage and the precipice for a real big text gaming community that rivals all others on the internet.

With this said, we the fans, are the first wave of supporters. I feel as fans we shpuld do our job to spread CoG as much as possible. As management, I feel you guys should explain why you changed release dates or at least say you are going to do so. Or why BOTH trial and CoR when Trials has been done and tested already? If that’s true, wouldn’t it be best to entertain the fans with Trials while you finish testing CoR? We do also pay for these games, being loyal fans.

Also I noticed, no offense, the blog and updates for new games ESPECIALLY the hosted games are done poorly. The only reason I have even known about Unnatural or Tinstar is because I checked the blog which is not your homepage. This could have been low on peoples radar thus. I know you made a reddit subbreddit but its a ghost town. If done correctly you could probably get many people on reddit talking about this and generate a lot of hype.

I’ll be honest, with the lack of announcements, changing the dates around with no word to your fans, and the weak recent CoG games like Deathless and Space Pirates are really making me not want to stick around. If that’s just me, imagine other loyal fans? I care too much about this franchise to give up without at least saying this.

More new players, more fans, more $$ and revenue, more writers join, etc.


Ah I didn’t know one existed. I will look for it momentarily.


Sincerely called weak deathless and space pirates compared with the horribles cloud nightmare and ninja without choice … Its really strong . Deathless and Space pirates are at least well writen and have different choices than affect the endings.

And about changes in dates , well they have addapt games different media and apple / android need time to accept the app or not and paper work so i could underdtand delays.

But i totally agree they have a terrible publicity annoucement system lol . I never know where games go out and im here everywhere . X(


Though I agree with you about the publicity, I think that Deathless is amazing and Reckless Space Pirates is pretty good

“Cloud Nightmare” LOLOLOL! I laughed like an alpaca


Ah ok, that makes sense about the app developers, I guess along with the announcement aspect, they could explain to people out of the loop like myself a bit better. However maybe they are so busy with games they couldn’t(though I think you can make a quick easy post…)

Thx for the info.

Idk why but Deathless and Space Pirates couldn’t grab me. I think it’s how both throw you in the middle of a universe that I don’t understand. A lot of people liked it though, just not me. I could have learned more about the universe of those games if I payed and kept playing but I didn’t want to risk wasting money on a game that wasn’t grabbing my attention.

Maybe I’ll try them one of these days.

Btw yeah lol I have seen you around here a lot. I am a big time lurker lol

edit: @Samuel_H_Young wow you say so as well? Have I missed a gem of a game this. Whole time? Lol i gotta check it out soon then. Thx


This could also fit well in the business model thread.


Do authors generally engage in their own marketing? I know Lucid has a FB page. Does anyone build a simple web site, hit twitter, post on content-related forums (not in a spammy way), etc to build interest?

I hope to release my game by fall, but I’m not sure how it will gather interest unless I get actively involved.

Oh, and I enjoyed Deathless too.


@Hornheadfan Haha wow. Without spoilers, the way I understand Deathless is like your a lawywr who pays off debt with souls? Idk but it doesnt make sense on the surface but does it get elaborated on further in the game?

Also yeah good question. If they don’t I would gladly volunteer to help promote. I am just afraid i am quite the lazy guy.

Whats your game btw so I will keep on the lookout for its release. =]


@HornHeadFan Beyond an announcement by CoG and word of mouth, our own marketing is the only way of marketing we have, I think. I am going to make a facebook page and a twitter account as soon as my gamebook enters beta.

@TheKid90 I played only the demo so far and based only on that I can tell you Deathless is pretty much the best CoG so far in my opinion.


I’ve got a website: www.facebook.com/samuelharrisonyoung/


@TheKid90, the plot was a bit confusing (to me) regarding the souls and such. There was also a sleep stat affected things in unknown ways. That being said, the writing was tight and compelling. It was a unique universe, and as an attorney, I appreciated much of the “law firm humor” which i think was also general enough to be appreciated by most readers. I thought it was a quality release.

My work in process is Community College Hero, a story about an aspiring superhero attending a 3rd tier hero training program at a community college in a small Nebraska city. And I would welcome all social media marketing assistance!


@Samuel, have you considered creating a FB account for Demon Hunter itself? I’ll look for you and friend you when I get home. My phone FB sucks.


@HornHeadFan The link Sam posted is the Demon Hunter (and probably all future gamebooks) account.


@HornHeadFan awesome thanks. And as an attorney yourself you appreciated it? Hmm. I got off on the wrong foot with Deathless. I def. have to give it a try. Oh and community college hero is yours lol, I’ve been meaning to check on it. Reminds me of the show Community lol

@DSeg haha ok you all won me over. Whats your upcoming game btw?

@Samuel cool. Cool cool cool. I cant wait for Trials, more so than CoR.


@DSeg, Well that makes sense. I’ll have to set up one too.


I actually highly recommend against it. Like when Jim Datillo posts about A Wise Use of Time on his Zombie Exodus page, it’s kinda awkward. Since I have a page about myself as an author, I can post about ALL my literary works. I can accumulate a bigger fanbase that way.

If I made pages for each novel or series, I’d already have two different pages xD one for Demons Among Men, and another for Colonising Kepler 62e


I understand! I wasn’t trying to be rude, I just thought I’d point it out.


I’m glad you’re looking forward to Trial of the Demon Hunter :slight_smile:


If one of these gamea can be marketed on the right subreddit, with the right game and a good interesting title. I think we could get a LOT of attention.


I’ve got a facebook twitter and a website but I really need to update them more often.