Chain of Kindness: Book Giveaway

What: pairing people who would like to receive the gift of reading with those who would like to give it–if this goes well, we may try it again. :gift:

Who: giftees who would like to play a CoG/HG/HC game but, due to financial circumstances, are unable to; gifters who would like to support the company, authors, and struggling members of its readership. :closed_book:

When: this iteration, requests and donations will be accepted through 31MAY21; ten random drawings will be made on 01JUN21. :spiral_calendar:

Why: everyone is allowed to have their own; the intent is to include fellow IF lovers who may be students, single parents, between jobs, or having a rough patch in any of the many ways that can happen. :hearts:

How: (for this run, gifts will be made on the Steam platform only :steam:)

If you are interested in receiving a gift.

There are only two honor-system conditions.

  1. You agree to review the game on Steam after you’re finished reading. (You can just click a rating, if you like.)
  2. At some point in the near or distant future, when you can afford to, you will return the favor by gifting someone a game on this thread to keep the chain going.

If you agree to these, PM me your Steam username and the game you would like to receive. It is important to note that I will need to give the gifter your information in order to complete the transaction.

If you are interested in giving a gift.

PM me with what you’d like to gift. I will pair you with a recipient before 01JUN21 and send you their Steam username and gift preference (if applicable) for you to complete the transaction.

*Feel free to qualify your involvement in any way, i.e. no Heart’s Choice, only Pon Para, etcetera.

In keeping with the spirit of the project, we’ll ask that gifters and giftees be kept as anonymous as possible. Cheers, all, and happy reading. :beers:

EDIT: Someone just told me that after you get a game on Steam, you can email CoG to get it unlocked on other platforms.


Yay! I’m so glad you came up with this and that it got approved!

So, how do we actually go about it? Do we PM you (or someone else) steam keys or will there be a “matching system” that allows us to give keys directly in steam after the drawing takes place? How do people enter to be a giftee?


Oh no! Looks like my collapsible instructions got lost in translation. I’ve edited the post, and they should be included now. Thanks! Good catch. @levviathan

EDIT: gifts will be given as Steam Gifts, not to be confused with gift cards. Giftees will receive a game not an amount.


One generous donor has offered to purchase up to three copies of games from the following list:

  1. The Fog Knows Your Name
  2. The Eagle’s Heir
  3. Creme de la Creme
  4. The Luminous Underground
  5. The Aegis Project: 180 Files

So, if you’d like to be gifted one of those titles, please let me know via PM.

Also, I could use help spreading the word. I’ve posted links to the CoG and HG Reddit groups as well as the general and cog-game threads of the Discord server.


Another donor has offered to purchase one copy of Fallen Hero: Rebirth, if anyone is looking to be gifted that title.


I saw the post proposing this, and I’m so happy it’s going forward. Congrats and thank you!


This is such a great idea!!!


How to PM you?


Click my icon and then the envelope to send me a private message. @808fps


Thank you


Is anyone willing to gift The Sordwin Saga latest version with the save options? Can’t seem to get it free at all . Can only be bought for 4.99 on Hosted games.

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That’s because these games aren’t free. They have price tags in order to support each game’s author.
And saves aren’t implemented until the next game in the series is nearly finished, so you’ll have to be patient in that regard.


That’s true .

Some more gifts now available from generous community members:
-One giver would like to purchase someone Wayhaven Books 1 and 2.
-One giver would like to purchase someone the Sordwin Saga (Evertree Inn, Sordwin, and Lux City of Secrets).
-One giver would like to purchase ten different individuals one copy of Moonrise.
-And a number of people are open to gifting whatever game a giftee would like to play.

I’m really encouraged by the love on display here: for the readers, authors, and company. Thanks so much, everyone. Cheers.

To speak to a concern from some of the giftees re: embarrassment.

There’s no reason at all to feel embarrassed. Yes, there might be people who need a free book more than you, but that doesn’t diminish your own need. And, likely, that need won’t come at the cost of someone else’s. You have permission to read guilt-free, especially if you’re given to considering others at your own expense. Your information will be kept confidential.


One gifter has put forward one copy of Zombie Exodus and one copy of Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven Part 1. PM if interested.


A few more givers looking to purchase specific books:
-1x Fallen Hero: Rebirth
-1x Demon: Recollect
-1x The Soul Stone War
-1x Creme de la Creme
-3x less popular Hosted Games

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I’m sorry, but where is the message Icon? I clicked on your icon but I don’t see it.

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Sent you a personal message. @Frique

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If you can’t see the option to message other members it’s because you need to participate in the community a little more to raise your user trust level.

Details on all user trust level requirements are listed here.


@dwsnee I’m having the same issue as @Frique . I saw the reddit post, but when I came here I couldn’t seem to access the envelope thing (it doesn’t show up). I’m really sorry for the inconvenience!