Chain of Kindness: Book Giveaway

I sent you a PM @Debt .

Hi, how many of these things must we do to advance to each level? Is it all of them or just one?

Four more gifts available:
-Tally Ho
-Jolly Good: Cakes & Ale
-A Player’s Heart
-If It Pleases the Court (releases this week)

PM if interested. @Lit_Baby I sent you a PM which you should be able to reply to.

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@dwsnee As this progresses, you should make a list of requests so we can see what people actually want. That way we know our gift is getting used.

So maybe two lists, one for what’s been requested, and one for what’s been donated. That way receivers can see what’s available and givers can see what’s in demand.

Also I have a question about the lottery system. Is it 25 recipients in total or per game? How do you determine which games are a part of the lottery? What if one person requests a less popular game and one person donates said game, but the receiver doesn’t win the lottery? If they are the only one that wants the game, do they just have to wait for the next lottery?


More gifts available:
-2 more copies of the “Evertree Saga” (Evertree Inn, Sordwin, Lux: City of Secrets)
-2 copies of the “Dragoon Saga” (Sabres of Infinity, Guns of Infinity)

PM if interested.

re: Claimed Minotaur

@ClaimedMinotaur I think I’ve addressed some of your concerns here. Please feel free to tell me if I haven’t. To my knowledge, this hasn’t been done before, so I’ve been learning as I go. But I’m very interested in being fair and honest.

TL;DR: a list is hard to make since I don’t have all of the requests and offers yet. This is for 2 main reasons. 1) Since some gifters are okay with purchasing any title, they end up getting moved around if a later gifter gifts a designated title I had them in place for. 2) Since some giftees give me lists of books they’d like to be gifted, I end up moving around which book I have billeted for them as gifts come in, trying to make sure everyone gets something they wanted.


I must have missed the bit addressing how the lottery works on the other thread.

I would be very clear on how this works with these gifters, because games can vary a lot in price. Maybe you should ask them how much they’re willing to spend rather than how many games they want to buy.


Mmm, yeah. I discuss the lottery in the part about people preferring to give specific books. In that case, a lottery doesn’t work on the broad scale. However, micro-lotteries will have to be held if multiple giftees submit for say, the Sordwin Saga. If only one person requests that, it will go to them. Then, people who have requested books outside designated title will be pooled with people who lost their respective micro-lotteries to be considered for donors who offered to purchase any title. I’m assuming anyone who signed up for that option has to know the prices are very different between books. If it comes down to it, I will cover the difference for anyone who over pledges, if only to not complicate the system and miss its intent. Hope this clarifies! @ClaimedMinotaur


It’s a safe assumption when doing a pull, or or discussing the topic, but when dealing with money it’s better to assume that they don’t know. It’s nice of you to cover costs of overspending but it shouldn’t come to that. You should ask people how much they’re willing to spend, then chose books from there. That way you can fill some requests that no one gifted and you don’t have to worry about people saying they were ‘robbed’, because unless they know EXACTLY what’s going to happen, these people will begin to pop up.

Think of it this way: When dealing with money, word it like a contract.


Hello Im also having the same problem as earlier, could you also send me a pm as well?

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Hello, I came from Reddit, just registered and can’t PM you. Could you please PM me as well?

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Important update: the only way to complete gifting will be for the donor to gift the recipient through Steam directly. This means at least two things:

  1. The recipient’s information will have to be passed to the donor. And vice-versa–the recipient will have the donor’s information after the fact.
  2. Both parties will need to have Steam accounts, plus be willing and able to complete the transaction without me as an intermediary.

If there’s more fallout from this, I’m sure we’ll figure it out together. Sorry to have complicated things. If this changes your desire to give or receive a book, please let me know. I will adjust my lists accordingly.


Is there anything you can tell us about the reasoning for the change? Is it a steam thing? A CoG concern? An accountability issue?

(I worry this comment seems a bit demanding; that’s not at all my intention and I realize this may be, for a number of reasons, something you cannot share at the moment or at all.)

It’s my fault completely for moving too quickly. Sorry if it’s demanding.

It seems best that the site not become one where one user can ask another for money in a personal transaction. Who would be responsible for an error? An unfulfilled promise? What kind of customer service issues could arise?

I understand if anyone wants to withdraw their donations or requests, since the system you agreed to is no longer the one in place. Logistically, I have plenty of time to correct my pairings. Does this answer your question? @levviathan

Not demanding at all! I just knew there had been a big emphasis on privacy and wondered if it was a platform issue/workload issue/etc, something that could be helped or changed by brainstorming or another pair of willing hands.

I think it’s probably a good idea to head off any potential for things to get out of hand wrt monetary requests or anything that could get anyone into trouble (legal or interpersonal or whatever). Are there still plans to lottery, or are you considering removing the need for an intermediary altogether and doing something more like a specific thread for people to connect and simply offer/ask for titles?

I’m going to play devil’s advocate for a moment and ask why you’re using steam at all. Is this just a personal project? What if you tried to get the company to back you? It seems like the best place to do this would be on the platform where they have the most control, the domain that they’re paying for. Couldn’t we try to add a system like this to the CoG website rather than use a third party as an intermediary? Everyone on this forum, who is capable of making a request, has a CoG account. Isn’t using the one thing we KNOW everyone has the best option?

Then they can email support and ask for their games to be activated on their preferred platform.

@dfabulich Is this an option?

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We might build our own gift system at some point, but it would be a lot of work. Steam already has an excellent gifting system that you can use today.


What information would this be? Steam username? If so, it doesn’t seem that serious to me — I understand the original intent was to be anonymous, but I doubt people are going to back out in numbers because of this.


The only information that should be passed on are Steam usernames.

For anyone unfamiliar, Steam only allows users to send gifts to people in their friends list. Once you enter your friends list on your Steam account, there are three ways to add someone to that list.

  1. The donor or the recipient (only person needs to do this) can search for the other person’s Steam username, which I presume @dwsnee will be handing out at the end of the giveaway period when donors and recipients are correctly matched. After this, the friend request only needs to be accepted for the donor to finally be able to gift a game.

  2. Either the donor or the recipient can share their 9-digit friend code, which the other person will put into a box located beneath their own friend code, and voila. Now all that’s needed is for the other person to accept the friend request.

  3. Either the donor or the recipient can share a link that will lead the donor to a friend request page. The other user must then agree to add the donor to their friends list, and voila.

After the friend requests are all accepted and the donor has a shiny new friend in their list, the donor can then go to the individual games’ store page and add it to their cart, click on the ‘purchase as a gift’ button, and a list of all the donor’s friends on Steam will appear. The donor must then scroll through the list to select the recipient’s Steam username, et voila. After that it’s just a matter of the donor choosing a payment method.

Technically, there’s a second method of going to the recipient’s wishlist and looking for the game on there, but this requires that the recipient’s wishlist be up to date, and in any case it leads you to the same cart page, so the former method is simply more direct.

If this all sounds confusing to you, then here’s an inexplicably long Business Insider article with pictures on how to add friends on Steam:

And here’s another article with pictures on how to purchase gifts on Steam in the first method I described above, also from Business Insider, also with an unnecessary amount of preface, lol:


Just the Steam username @Myrtle . Thanks so much @rose-court for taking the time to type all of that out! A few more gifts available:

-Tin Star
-Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven parts 1 and 2

By or before Monday, when the dust has settled on any withdrawals, I will post a master list of unclaimed gifts. Thanks everyone, not only for your generosity, but for your patience too.


Here is the “Master List” of pairings I promised, subject to change from withdrawal. Please assume that all earlier listings on this thread are now obsolete.

So far we have 30 gift matches (3x our original 10!), 1 unmatched request, and 10 unmatched gifts. I will begin to share user information to fulfill requests at the end of this week. Gifts and requests will be open for one more week. Thanks, everyone! I’m inspired by your generosity.

Matched gifts: 30
1x Psy High 2: High Summer
1x In the Service of Mrs. Claus
3x complete “Sordwin Saga” (Evertree Inn, Sordwin, and Lux: City of Secrets)
3x Creme de la Creme
1x Luminous Underground
1x The Aegis Project 180
1x Fallen Hero: Rebirth
1x “Wayhaven” set (Wayhaven 1 and Wayhaven 2)
1x Zombie Exodus
1x The Soul Stone War
2x The “Dragoon” series (Sabres of Infinity and Guns of Infinity)
2x Jolly Good: Cakes and Ale
2x Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven part 1
1x Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven part 2

Outstanding Requests: 1
1x Creme de la Creme

Outstanding Gifts: 10 (+10 Moonrise)
2x Lesser-known or less-popular HG
1x Vampire the Masquerade: Night Road
1x Fallen Hero: Rebirth
1x Demon: Recollect
1x Tally Ho
1x A Player’s Heart
1x If It Please the Court
1x Slammed
1x Tin Star
10x Moonrise (Not on Steam)
*Feel free to spread the word on these to . . . humans you know