Chain of Kindness: Book Giveaway

Final Phase:
Thanks everyone for bearing with. I’ll ask for your continued patience as we work out the details of the follow through.

  1. I’ve sent gifters the Steam user names and book requests they’ve been paired with. Rose Court gave links to detailed instructions for fulfillment above. It’s looking like there’s one additional step, that is, a friend request. (Please let me know if this changes whether you want to give–you can remove them as friends after the transaction.)

  2. Gift recipients should check their Steam accounts for new friend requests and accept them, as gifters cannot gift without first being accepted as friends. (Please let me know if this changes whether you want to receive a gift–you can remove them as friends after the transaction.)

If you are a gifter, please let me know when your gift is sent, so I can follow up with re-pairing anyone who fell through.

All told, if all pledges are met, we will have gifted 40 or so games. I’ll post the final number when the dust settles. This number is padded. If you offered multiple gifts but aren’t paired on all of them, it’s likely because I left a little cushion for anyone who might have changed their mind–don’t worry, you may yet hear from me again.

Cheers, everyone. Thanks so much for doing this with me to support the company and our community.

EDIT: if gift recipients haven’t heard from their gifters, please send me a link to your Steam profile to pass on–the disambiguation of user names can be tricky.


Hello, I was directed towards here by a Hosted Games staff member on the Subreddit. I am trying to purchase A Kiss from Death but my country currently does not allow me to do this. I tried looking inmto perhaps purchasing it via a VPN but cant really get it to work. If anybody was willing to gift it to me via steam, I can send a friend request and if you want even a give back, a copy of Don’t Starve Together I own to you. I really would love to own the game and if anybody would be willing to help me out I would greatly appreciate it!


To support its release, I’d like to buy copies of The Vampire Regent on Steam for anyone who wants it but can’t afford to purchase it, under the condition that they write a review when they’re finished. :vampire: :wine_glass: :cityscape:

If you’re interested, please send me a private message with your Steam ID and username, and I will gift it to you. Thanks for helping me do this. :beers:


Did you manage to get it?
Edit: Oh wait. You did, heh. I forgot.

That’s a good idea. It gets people the games they want and it helps the author with (hopefully) useful feedback.

I feel like this thread should be pinned to the top so that it gets seen more. I’ll bet there are still a lot of people who don’t even know about this. Agree? Disagree?


Thanks! Just trying to support creators in a measurable way. I know there’s Patreon and stuff, but I figure if I can help readers at the same time . . . two stones with one bird, or something. :bird: :bird:

My gift process is still pretty clunky, and the signal’s weak but . . . can’t steer a car that’s not moving, or something. :gift: :blue_car: :confused:

It can’t be, like, official because of liabilities. Plus the clunky, especially wrt payments and privacy. I want to do it even if no one takes me up on it though, so everything is golden. :ok_hand: :ok_man: :vampire:


Maybe there could be an official CoG Steam account that could act as an intermediary. That way people aren’t forced to accept friend requests from complete strangers.

any chance some 1 has a spare
Wayhaven Books 1 and 2. ^_-


@frep_you I probably could have just said this earlier, but I can get them for you if you want.

PM me if you want it.

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@frep_you Just saw this. I can too. PM myself or @ClaimedMinotaur , and we’ll get you squared away. I think you’ll really enjoy those games.

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He got it.


ya i got it ^_- thanks


Hello, I found this thread while waiting for an answer on another one.
Does “outstanding gifts” means they are still available or am I too late ?
I am interested in Vampire the Masquerade: Night Road (and its DLCs, but base game would be already awesome).
Thanks !


Send me your Steam ID. @Kriemfield

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Sign me up. I’ll do it.

@Kriemfield I’ve sent you a request.

@Kriemfield, 'kay, sent you the bundle :open_mouth:

No problem :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


I have accepted the request, thanks ! :smiley:

I have received the bundle, thank you very much ! :heart:

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Is this still on going? If so then @dwsnee do we need to add the person we are trying to gift on steam as a friend to give them the gift? Is there also a limit on how many we can gift to a person? Thanks

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Hmm, yes(?) to still going on-ish, here and there.Yes to friend to gift, unless it’s changed recently. Most unfriend right after. Limit? Nah? If you can’t tell, the . . . uh, plan is loose.


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That’s okay, I’ll send a PM your way for the details about the gift thing. Thank you

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Have someone wanting to gift 5 people up to 3 books each during the Steam Autumn Sale if anyone has titles they’re interested in but unable to afford. Feel free to PM me for more info


Just checking because I may have missed something , but how many games are we allowed to request?