Buy "Vampire: The Masquerade — Night Road" on Release Day, Get the Caitiff and Tremere Clans FREE

We’re super excited for the release of Vampire: The Masquerade — Night Road on September 24th!

As a special offer, if you purchase Vampire: The Masquerade — Night Road by 11:59pm PDT on September 25th, you can email us a copy of the receipt and we will credit you the “Usurpers and Outcasts IAP,” featuring the options to play as Tremere or Caitiff, for free.

Experience Vampire: the Masquerade — Night Road as one of the Usurpers, vampires who have stolen the secrets of blood sorcery; or play as an Outcast, a vampire who has no clan—a condition that can be both an asset and a liability. But in the American Southwest, it’s every vampire for themselves—even a Usurper or an Outcast can make it here.

Just email your receipt—Steam, Apple, Amazon, Google, or webstore—to support AT choiceofgames DOT com and we will grant you a key.

While we have your attention, wishlist it on Steam and pre-register on Google Play now!


Hope we will also see Vtm:Blodlines 2 soon as well :wink:


Sounds great. Would this option work if we use the choices app? Or it is only valid for steam and Google Play?

Cannot wait to buy this so I can play 42323 more times.


You mean the Choice of Games app :wink: “Choices” is a different company.

Yes, that works. You can buy Night Road on any platform, send us the receipt, and we’ll comp you Usurpers and Outcasts.

For Apple, you visit and sign in with your AppleID. From there you can access all recent purchase receipts.


Exactly, I meant that. Thank you.

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WoW… This sure will cause few sleepless (days for me) nights…


For the COG app, is the receipt the “thank you for your purchase” email or something else?

I’m excited to be a Caitiff. Being a clanless stray feels the most thematically appropriate for this mc.

And I’ll enjoy being able to drop skill points where I actually want them without having to mix and match all these different backgrounds.


I would not miss it the demo was promessing after all

No Nosferatu and Malkavians? Shame.


Nosferatu and Malkavians are so radically different from other clans I feel like the only way to do them justice is to give them their own game.


Which I hope they do sometime :innocent:


Yeah, that’s the receipt.

Quite a few people have asked us how they get a receipt for various platforms. For me: anytime I buy something, the company sends me a receipt. Can I ask, do you or others on here not think of the email you receive when you buy something online as a receipt? If not, what do you call that? “Proof of purchase?” “Email purchase confirmation?”

“Junk mail.”


A receipt can have a connotation of being a physical piece of paper; a lot of people don’t associate it with online proofs of purchase because the context of getting a receipt in a store is so ingrained.


Wait does this mean that besides the main price of the game there will also be in-app purchases on top of that which are necessary to get access to all the features?


Right. Which is why I was asking, okay if that’s not your “receipt” which is what I think of it as (an Amazon order, buying clothes from an online retailer, buying a game on the App Store) what do you call it. :slight_smile:

Awesome! Can’t wait for the full release. :grin:
Kinda like this going to be the first of a series officially based on the world of Vampire - The Masquerade with different authors and perspective (this one the vampires, next one the humans and the third the higher inner class of vampires and their politics :thinking: If I’m correct. Anyway I’m intrigued and eager to read more on how each will tell a different story :wink:)

:blush: Also I can’t forget the first COG game that got his story as close as possible based on the masquerade world rules: Choice of a Vampire love it is in progress and will be (probably) among the next month releases just in time for Halloween :vampire: :jack_o_lantern: