Chain of Kindness: Book Giveaway

Different all the time. Current giver will get out up to 3 books to two more people, if during Steam Autumn Sale.

The Steam Autumn Sale is over. :frowning:

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So as long as we pass it on to someone else sometime, we can get whatever?

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You agree to write a review. Sometime in the future, when you can afford it, you’ll gift someone else. No timeline.

Gifter said they’ll gift two more, even outside Steam Autumn Sale,


Someone has reached out to me and said they have three Steam wallet points ($10/ea) that they’d like to donate to people who would like to play a CoG/HG but can’t afford to, no need to state the reason.

If you’re interested PM me and I will relay a Steam code from the giver. In doing so, you agree to write a review for the book purchased for you and, in the future, to return the favor for someone else when you can.


Grab this opportunity guys this is very legit.

Anyway, I’ll give back soon once I determine how much it would cost me since I live outside the US and the one who gifted me a game has to jump some hoops in order to do so. I’m also in the process of saving up still.


Still have the three user’s choice games. Plus someone would like to gift the following:

  1. Wayhaven book 1 and 2
  2. The Shadow Society
  3. Breach: The Archangel Job
  4. Fallen Hero: Rebirth



Hello, I have a similar problem with Samurai of Hyuga Book 5 as I did with Kiss of Death a while back. I am in Germany and am thus unable to buy it on Steam. If anybody could help me out with getting my hands on the Steam version I would greatly appreciate it. I have all the books and substories on there already and I would hate to not be able to own the latest entry. @ClaimedMinotaur already generously tried to help but seemingly had some trouble giving the game as a gift since he already owned it. If anybody on here could help me out I would be very thankful.

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Ya, Steam really seems to be cracking down on the regional restrictions. Did you try asking the staff if you could redeem it on the website?

Yeah, was told it is not possible via e-mail. Guess unless my country’s laws change at some point or I move away I will just straight up not be able to play any of the adult-rated CoG titles on steam anymore :frowning:

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Damn, dude. That really sucks. I’m sorry. Are you able to play them on the website though? I wonder if there’s a way that I could buy a game on the website that I already own on Steam and have them activate it for you. If I already own the game, I can get them to activate it on any platform I want, but if I buy it on the website too and ask that they give it to you, they would get the same amount of money as if you bought it, ya? Couldn’t they just activate it for you?

Huh, I have actually no idea. Thanks for the offer regardless in advance. You could try asking one of the admins if this is possible. Would be worth a try at least right?

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I don’t have the ability to DM yet, but I’ll send them an email or something when I get a chance.

Thanks, really appreciate it. Hope to god this sort of thing gets resolved in the future. I find it ridiculous that text-based adult games get censored in my country. I am 25 years old and can buy the goriest game and the most explicit porn but a few lines of text is apparently a dealbreaker? Will never understand how this works.