Multiple-Platform Purchase Discount

Is there some way that it would be possible to set up some sort of discount for purchasing a game across more than one platform? As things stand, I’m a bit frustrated by the Steam situation. I’ll grant that a lot of the rollout is down to Steam doing flood control on their system, but…let me take Somme Trench as a quick example: I’d like to buy that game, but (no offense to the author) I don’t really want to buy it twice (once now and once later if it comes out on Steam). The Steam version would be preferable because I can play even if I don’t have an internet connection, and as a result I’m far less inclined to buy it now, sale or no. By the same token, if I buy something now and then it comes out on Steam, absent a deep sale I’m going to be torn on spending money a second time on it.

So…is there some way to, directly or indirectly, offer a credit of some sort for multiple-platform purchases (or, at the very least, for Steam repurchases), be it in the form of being granted credits to buy other games/short-circuit IAPs or something else as an offset? Right now, the situation is only slightly frustrating, but it is going to get rather irritating if I’m stuck buying a bunch of games a second time like this; by contrast, if there’s an offset I’ll be highly inclined to splash out for buying now and then buying again later on Steam. I doubt I’m the only one of this view.


You’re certainly not the only one, that’s for sure. I myself always buy the iOS version because of the mobility aspect, but would love to be able to play them on my PC occasionally as well. I know in the past I’ve bought games for my PC (not CS games) someplace that wasn’t steam, usually the website for the people making it, and was given a code so that I could then go onto steam and download it. Now, I don’t know how something like that works, but maybe if you buy a CS game on another platform it could also give you a code to redeem on steam, though reselling those codes would become an issue, so you’d probably have to register the first purchase with an e-mail to then get the code. The biggest obstacle that I can think of is I don’t know if the ability to redeem the code on steam and download it that way would cost additional for CoG. If so, that would certainly present a problem since CS games are rather low cost as it is. Now I’m just spit balling here, but if that’s the case I’d certainly be willing to purchase the iOS version like normal, and if I want to play the game on my PC as well I could purchase an additional license through an in-app purchase for like a dollar. And I believe CS games save to CoG servers, so you might be able to play on one device and continue on another theoretically.

Somme Trench is a hosted game and so it likely won’t be released on Steam. I’d imagine Choice of Games will roll out all of their official games first before they even look at releasing the Hosted Games on that platform. (I could be wrong mind you).

I don’t think there’s an easy method of doing this. You could try emailing Choice of Games for a direct response and see what they suggest doing.

Right now, if you purchase somewhere other than our website, and send me a copy of your receipt, I will manually credit your webstore account. That’s the only purchase-transfer we can accommodate currently.

That seems eminently fair. To what address do I/we send the receipts?

jason AT choiceofgames

Hello I was just want a bit of clarification, If I send the receipts (Hopefully the digital receipts that I have from Apple are okay.) does that mean that I will be able to play the games here on the website? (I’ve been wanting to play on my laptop but I don’t have the means to buy on steam.)

Sorry for reviving this from the dead, but I’m not a fan or recreating additional topics with the same content.

I understand, that we can get a copy for other platforms with steam-purchases, if we send the receipt.

How does it work like if we purchase it on the ‘store’ here?

If I’m on choiceofgamesDOTcom, amd I’d like to play the game on the browser and on my android tablet, do I have to buy it twice or is it sufficient to buy it only once?
I usually download the game on the tablet and buy it through the app. Is this recognized by the site itself, so I can play online with a webbrowser as well?

Iirc: buy it on the app store and forward a copy of the email you get upon purchase to unlock it here.

Alright, so played Wayhaven: Book One on my PC ultil I had to buy it.
Out of habit I downloaded it on my tablet and purchased it.
Then, I wanted to restore the purchase on the PC (to finish the current story before replaying it on the tablet), but it says it has not been purchased yet… (I also tried both of my email-adresses, my gmail and my gmx which is linked with my gmail. Any ideas?

As said before: Contact the support here and give them the receipt you got for purchasing the game. They can unlock it then

My bad. I was looking for a receipt in my gmail and the google-store, but couldn’t find it, as it was in my gmx-mailbox.

I’m sorry for being a bit goofy there, I thought “clicking the android-download button, downloading and purchasing it in the app itself” would count as "purchasing it on the website. But I guess I made a grieve mistake there.
It simply seems more convinient for me to purchase it via the app, as the price is already in €uro instead of Dollars.

No worries. As said. If you have the receipt, they can unlock it.
Also: I’d actually recommend buying it in an app first, as that way it can be unlocked here, but not the other way around.

I tried emailing jason about this issue (twice) but he never replied to me, so i think this method is no longer possible. Don’t get your hopes up. :frowning:

Did you email jason or the support (not the same thing)

i sent it at jason @ as he instructed here.

i only later noticed it was 3 years old, so i just assumed it no longer works like this. Was i wrong?

i think by now it’s support at choiceofgames for that stuff

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thank you! i’m still new here, i’ll try :slight_smile:

good luck :slight_smile:

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it worked, by the way!