Regarding CoG and HG on Steam


I have bought some CoG and HG in the long distant past for mobile, iOS to be exact. Now the problem I’m having is that I want to play them on my PC as well, except that means I have to buy them again on Steam. Is there any way that I don’t have to buy a game multiple times just so I can play it on both my phone and PC?

Thank you for reading and have a nice day, Porter

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Jason (post 4, I think) gave an answer to your question in that topic. You wouldn’t be able to play in Steam, but in CoG’s website.

A friendly tip: the search tool of the forum is great in finding topics where our questions have already been answered. Use it, it’s your friend.


I believe if you show CoG your receipts for the games, they will unlock the games for the web from their servers.

@ruhenri has ninza’d me.


I did use the search function but didn’t actually manage to find anything helpful, thank you for the help however

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Then I’m glad to be of service :smiley:

I do wonder if I can still find the receipt, because I bought the game 4 years ago…

If it is the Apple store, you should be able to bring up the history of your Apple ID … now if you have multiple Apple ID’s… :slight_smile:

What @Eiwynn said. Go to your Apple purchase list and just screenshot the part where the said game’s purchase is included (at least in android that is what you can do). Then send it to Jason, that should do the job, if he needs anything else he will then tell you.

Apple stores the receipts in iTunes apparently, so guess I’ll do that later this week, thanks a lot for the help.

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Not really, mostly because I’m a mobile noob and don’t even know how to begin to mod anything with or even view the game code with it, but that aside, I tried bluestacks and it keeps bugging me for a SIM card whenever I try to connect it with my Google account. Maybe that is an annoying Dutch/EU thing though, as some American users did say it wasn’t necessary, or maybe I need to adjust some settings that I don’t know how, which also proves my point.

Yeah I think it would be a local thing or at least local default, have you ever been bugged for one connecting from a different phone?

ehm, ah, um…you know I think I have never even connected any phone in the first place. :sweat_smile: Most stuff on that I-crap phone gets handled by our IT department, so if I have a work-related issue with that damned device I just hand it to them and I rarely use my own “smart” phone. Bought it four years ago for my last foreign vacation, but the mortgage and the car have kept me from having foreign vacations where that thing was useful ever since. I don’t even think I used it except to make two or three calls to my mom in order to make sure my credits and phone number don’t expire in the past year. For my daily, personal cellphone needs I use an old-fashioned dumb phone.

So, yeah, really clueless with most of the mobile crap.

Edit @Eiwynn could you dump these last few post by Dark Stalker and me into the PC/Steam thread? Pretty please?

I have been thinking about the Steam discussion, and I have a thought. Would it be possible for CoG to allow an author to choose to set aside the amount needed to put their game on Steam as an advance of sorts? Like, if it costs $100, they offset their first $100 of royalties to cover the cost? Or they have that amount taken from their initial Steam earnings? A bit more of a bookkeeping hassle but some authors might be willing to do it to get a chance at another platform. Just wanted to throw that out there as a suggestion.