Regarding CoG and HG on Steam



I have bought some CoG and HG in the long distant past for mobile, iOS to be exact. Now the problem I’m having is that I want to play them on my PC as well, except that means I have to buy them again on Steam. Is there any way that I don’t have to buy a game multiple times just so I can play it on both my phone and PC?

Thank you for reading and have a nice day, Porter


Jason (post 4, I think) gave an answer to your question in that topic. You wouldn’t be able to play in Steam, but in CoG’s website.

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I believe if you show CoG your receipts for the games, they will unlock the games for the web from their servers.

@ruhenri has ninza’d me.


I did use the search function but didn’t actually manage to find anything helpful, thank you for the help however


Then I’m glad to be of service :smiley:


I do wonder if I can still find the receipt, because I bought the game 4 years ago…


If it is the Apple store, you should be able to bring up the history of your Apple ID … now if you have multiple Apple ID’s… :slight_smile:


What @Eiwynn said. Go to your Apple purchase list and just screenshot the part where the said game’s purchase is included (at least in android that is what you can do). Then send it to Jason, that should do the job, if he needs anything else he will then tell you.


Apple stores the receipts in iTunes apparently, so guess I’ll do that later this week, thanks a lot for the help.