Any way to view list of owned games and platform?

As per the subject, I’m trying to figure out which CoGs and HGs I own, and where. By where, I mean whether they are owned on my Google Play account or through an registered email

Google Play has an awful interface and it almost appears that they make the list of purchases deliberately unintuitive. As for online account, I might be missing a link or appropriate point somewhere.

If someone could provide any pointers on this, I’d appreciate.

PS: I really wish purchases could be cross platform, there are more than a handful of games I play on multiple devices.

Google Play has a purchase history in the Playstore app, you could check the ones you bought and they sent receipts if you bought from them through email. Also, you could unlock the CoG website version if you email the receipt to CoG support. That’s the only one CoG could control since all platforms are different companies.

I’ve tried the purchase history but it’s filled to the brim with top ups for readers and other bits and pieces. There’s no way to sort in-app purchases from actual app purchases.

Thanks for the response, I’ll just have to try most of the games I own and try build a list of where there are discrepancies.

The whole fragmentation thing is part of the reason I haven’t also bought games on Steam thus far. Too many places and each one only playable under certain circumstances.

I’m sorry, but I don’t quite understand why you’re having so much looking through your Playstore purchase history?

Google Play allows you to search through your purchases, and CoG purchases are always listed as “Rest of the Game (Name of Game)” so you should be able to easily find them with a simple search rather than wasting your time installing, inputting an email that might not even work, writing it down, and then uninstalling.

And if that doesn’t work, you can also check your purchase history in, and it also has a search function.

Also, if you make a lot of microtransactions for in-game currencies, then an option to list things by in-app purchase would be kind of useless. Just sayin’.

I had not noticed that the CoG and HG games are prepended with ‘Rest of the Game’. That is helpful and although the play store does still make it awkward by having to unfold years of purchases before searching it is still better than any answer I had up to this point.

As for your small text; I consider the purchase of CoGs to effectively be the purchase of the app, after a demo. While I realise that it is different in action, it would still be nice if the dropdown option of ‘Android Apps’ was broken up into something like ‘Full App Purchase’ and ‘Purchase within App’.