Is there a way to get a list of all games bought through the CoG site?

I have bought many games through different platforms through the years, a bunch through chrome apps and steam and those are easy enough to keep track of, but I can’t seem to find a way to track all the games I bought through the CoG site, both HGs and CoGs. I know I have demo’d many more than I have purchased, but I have trouble over the years remembering which is which. So as the title says is there someplace I can see all the games purchased here and if not is this a feature that will be implemented in the future?

Perhaps you should make one yourself, friend.

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So this is just a joke to you or do you really think I am going to go through every game that I might or might not have purchased to check, when in some instances I would need to play all the way through the demo to find. Sorry, but if you don’t have anything to add please move on.

Joke? No, why would it be a joke? Is there something wrong with making your list to organize all your games probably and see which you bought or not?
I certainly don’t see any traces of sarcasm nor humor here. For the short answer, no, to my knowledge, there isn’t.


When games get bought you need to email your receipt to CoG to access them on the main site. Without having done that every time I doubt there is any sort of list.

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