Gladiator: Road to the Colosseum (Out Now!)

Absolutely yes, as does the fact that I have to hold the damned thing with one hand and clumsily swipe or tap with the other, which also means I can’t have a cup of tea with it.

Besides that, my I-crap phone is firm issued, I don’t and will never endorse Apple or their faux “family friendly” bullshit appstore. :unamused:

I do have an obsolete Samsung “smart” phone somewhere (I mostly use an even older dumb phone for my personal needs) and a Google account, but playing on that is possibly even more frustrating than on my firm-issued cellphone.

Like I said, mobile is frustrating for me, and yes the tiny screen that is barely adjustable plays a part in that, perhaps even a big one, but far from the only one.

It’s a real pity the website won’t let us download an offline local copy. So for now Steam is my only truly viable option, unfortunately. Hope CoG finds a way to improve access to their products for people who prefer their old-fashioned personal computers, like me.


Guess everything has it’s up and downsides.
For me it’s PC gaming what I can’t enjoy anymore. The fact that I have to sit infront of the computer is just too uncomfortable for me. The best for me is playing on tablet. The screen is big enough. I can do it in bed or sitting on a comfortable couch or armchair. (And I can also have a cup of tea with it :wink: ).Tho even with tablet I have the problem of not being able to use it anywhere else than home so that’s where the cellphone becomes useful. Like I can read even while I’m on the bus and stuff.

Anyway while it’s not all that important for me personally I also hope that CoG will find a way to make it possible for PC players too to play their games offline.

Aand once again I derailed a topic in offtopic direction. Sorry.


We must play on instagram ?? Lol… i think i forgot my account already :-):stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, i remember your game had a childhood friend following MC around , under disguise as married couple right ? :wink:

Looking forward to purchase your game next year :slight_smile:

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I’m guessing you’re not a fan of emulators either?

So like twitch plays but probably less frustrating.


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This honestly cracked me up hahahaha but yeah I guess it’s purely personal preference! I play almost exclusively on mobile, but also cause I do that mostly on commute so it’s way easier, and I don’t have a tablet ><. I actually do wonder what the majority market is for CoG, and which platform the bulk of their sales are coming from

Well, I’m still trying to figure it out! But I think instagram and facebook might be the easiest to comment on, cause I imagine people wouldn’t want to be tweeting random choices on their personal twitters would they hahaha.

Yeah!!! That’s the one :smile: Thank you for your support!!!

Hahaha yeah and much slower paced. Just thought I would experiment with that since most of my social circle are completely clueless and this would be pretty fun to have!


I guess I view it more like a cross between reading and traditional PC gaming, so a part of that for me is being able to do it after a stressful day, sitting in a comfy desk chair, being able to read everything clearly with my glasses off and having a cup of tea or even the occasional snack with it. I can’t imagine actually enjoying gaming from an uncomfortable bus or train seat with all the buzz and background noise of people around me.
I sometimes browse and skim the forums when I commute, but actual gaming, no.


This so very much for me too! :scream:

I have a ‘dumb-phone’, but it is rarely used for much other than messaging my husband. Got a few games on there just because it is a good way to kill time in waiting rooms (I haunt doctors a fair bit, on and off), but give me my PC with my comfy chair and a cuppa any day. :relaxed:

Meanwhile, this game is indeed something I will pick up when it becomes available for me (Steam these days, as we can no longer download from here). :grinning: :+1:


I really like the way your do character descriptions. For example Gallic Vicetorix being proud of his fiery mane of red hair, it says a lot about him without being a stale description of how he looks. Same with the gladiator trainer, a very intense and dangerous woman.



You sound like you’re truly living the life, being able to sit down and unwind after a workday hahaha. But yeah I can imagine that it could be quite jarring if you are constantly packing into buses/trains, depending on where you live! I rarely get time to sit down and truly unwind though, so I guess that also plays a big part in the differences in preference!

I guess this is also where the general millennial mobile first tendencies come in, especially for less computing/graphic heavy games like these.

oh! they used to allow downloading directly from the site? Thank you for your support!!

Thank you for you compliment! I did try to paint a more visceral image of the characters, but in future attempts, I think a good improvement would be to have truly in-depth character bibles for the characters in the story which will give a deeper level of flavour!! Hope you enjoyed the demo?


So for those of you who missed this, I’m currently doing a gamified community Let’s Play up on my socials. It’s completely experimental (and I have no idea if it’s going to work) and it’ll be fun to have you guys playing along!!! You can tag along on any of these platforms (but it’s going to be mainly Instagram for now!!)



Once, briefly, yes. I suspect it got too much maintenance or cost for too little gain? No idea, but I miss it.

Also, :notes: you’re welcome! :musical_note:


I’m technically a millennial too, just one who is not into staring at those tiny screens you have to hold with one hand while clumsily prodding and “swiping” them with the other.

Never heard it described like that, although if I didn’t get to unwind after work I’d probably be in some insane asylum by now.


Hmm, perhaps they realised that certain platforms were far more lucrative as opposed to others! After all, it’s a business for them too.

Hahaha you make it sound almost primitive, but I suppose so.

I guess Asians just have a different perspective of work life balance hahahahaha, perhaps one day I will try it :laughing:

Also, I’m aware that the Upcoming Hosted Games Releases -- 2019 thread states that this is going to be released in about 24 hours! But as excited as I am, I just want to temper everyone’s expectations cause I think (?) it wouldn’t be released so soon. That said, I’m almost exploding in anticipation and I hope everyone is as well!!! Hopefully the first release of 2019 wouldn’t be too shabby? nervous laughter

Andddd if anyone sees the game coming up on any platform, please let me know! My heart can’t take this >.<


It’s nice to see another author finally finish and release such a good game

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Most likely, hence the cost versus gain speculation. Just hope they push more games onto Steam now, as some are not available there (yet). I’ve got a few I’d buy instantly that have yet to be published there.

So, hope this one gets there right away. :relaxed:


The Butler did it, hopefully including Linus romance and Kepler colony evacuation are some of my most wanted.

Agreed. Would be a shame not to be able to play this one and that goes for the next upcoming one Keeper as well. :worried:

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If you go to the hosted games steam page and sort by release date it tells you which ones will be coming out as a steam release as they get a demo there prior to release. The next one will be dragon racer.

(I could be wrong, but a good indication also seems to be if a HG is listed as being in copyedit. I think it seems that most steam games are copyedited.)

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Will this be released today?

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I believe so

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The one pinned in the forum is estimated at best. We really can’t say if it is going to be release today or not until a newsletter from CoG has been sent to us.