Changing Platforms?


I have purchased several “Choice of Games” offerings for Kindle in the “Active” section of Amazon. But that isn’t working well any more, both because the category seems to be fading and because my newest Kindle Voyage won’t run any active content. So I’m having to switch platforms, and have several questions:

  1. Which platforms seem to work best, if any?
  2. Which platforms seem safest for the future? I don’t want to have to switch again.
  3. If I paid for a Kindle game, will I need to pay again to change platforms?
  4. In serialized games, is it possible to reload saved games from other platforms?

Thanks in advance for any help.


PS. I’m posting this in “Hosted Games” because my desire to play “Way Watchers University 2” is what stimulated my questions in the first place.


Well, if you send a copy of the receipt via email to support you can have your existing purchases redeemed on the webstore here, which is what I have done with Kindle’s fading. I have found you can run the webstore’s games generally on whatever device you can open a browser on. Its my favorite way to handle the games.


1.If I had to pick a platform it would be steam but not all the games are on there so if not steam get it on the chrome webstore.
2.cog webstore is the safest with steam being in the either a little safer or in the same spot
3.You can get it on the COG webstore if you email jason the receipt (I am pretty sure of this)
4.You mean to play the game on one platform, save, then use that save to play the second game on another device? If so yes.


Very helpful. Thank you both.


Posting here because I seems related…

I hate reading games on my laptop, so I’m exploring what my best options are for a device that’s basically just to read games. (90% choicescript, but ideally others too because I have a lot of learning to do.)

I have an old Kindle which I adore, and I wonder if I should buy another old kindle just for games - which model/s work? If I buy an American one online, will it work here in Australia?

My phone doesn’t have internet, but I wouldn’t mind having the ability to play games and read books (both gamebooks and others) on a phone. Does any smartphone work? Would someone’s cast-off iPhone work? What’s the cheapest option?


Tablets, including the Kindle Fire, should handle games about the same. Of course, then you don’t get the luxury of reading e-ink. I really prefer e-ink myself, which is why I wrote my the original post.

If the game you want to play is available on Amazon as “Kindle Active,” it should work on all e-ink Kindle’s except the Voyage. (I have no idea why it doesn’t work there.) Games from other sources? Not likely.

Not sure why you would need a “new” old Kindle just for games–why not just a games folder on your current Kindle? And as far as I know, there’s no difference between Kindle in Australia and in the United States. You should double-check with Amazon, but I really think you need not worry.

Finally, while personally I don’t like reading on a phone (same screen glare as a computer or tablet), any smart phone will handle most books and games. Lots of my friends do both.