Publishing Platforms for Hosted Games


Are Hosted Games automatically published on all the same platforms as Choice of Games? I looked at the initial Hosted games and they weren’t published on the Amazon App store which was quite a disadvantage since its a great market for CYOAS compared to others (which are still quite good).
However looking at the recent Hosted Games they seem to be available on the same platforms as the official Choice of Games. Do you have to pay extra for this to happen or does this now happen for all Hosted Games?


The Amazon App store has a relatively small number of purchases compared to other stores, which is why they don’t publish the Hosted Games there.

You don’t pay anything to have your games published. Choice of Games pays you a cut of the money your game earns. You’re probably free to convert your game to the other platforms yourself, but you need to give CoG a cut of profits if you do.


I see, what platforms would CoG readily convert my game into?


Most likely on their website, Apple, Android, Google Chrome, and Amazon.