Question about Hosted Games label revenues and publishing

I have few questions about the Hosted Gam

[ANSWERED] So for example. I write a full game-book, and i send it to Hosted Games. They publish it for me on all platforms?
[ANSWERED]But what about compiling, do i have to compile the game in .apk format first and then send it to Hosted Games?

  • I suppose i do not have to buy the license for the market i want to publish the game in?

[ANSWERED]And the revenue, i get 25% or the Hosted Games get 75%? Or is it the other way around? For some reason i can not understand this in the official website.

And, if anyone could pm this to me. No need to say this public. How much does a somewhat good game-book earns on Android market? (or any market that you know of) Give me a hint atleast.


They’ll compile the game for you and distribute it.

You don’t need a license of your own.

It’s 25% to you, 75% to Hosted Games, after the app store takes their cut.


I believe CoG does (based on the word count), but you can make it free if you want.

(Mods, correct me if I am wrong)

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Does the App Store take their cut from your 25% or do they take the cut from the total then the remainder is split 25/75?

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Yes, this is mostly true.
I think Mr. Hill addressed this topic back in the day…

Lemme see if I can find it…

[quote=“jasonstevanhill, post:46, topic:934, full:true”] … Moreover, since you’re writing the game “on spec” (as they say), you can price it as you like. If you want to release the whole thing for free (ad supported), or if you want to charge, it’s mostly up to you.

Pricing of Hosted Games is a negotiation between the author and us. Take WWU: @WayWalkerLeigh wants to make a living off of her writing, and we thought the title merited being pay only. Similarly with Apex Patrol (though there is a free version on the web, the mobile versions are pay only); @AllenGies had a) demonstrated his popularity with Marine Raider and b) wrote a substantively longer game.

… but we’ll certainly be willing to listen to your opinions on the matter, and will strive to make everyone happy.

I believe Lucid did some math on this…
No one disputed his conclusion, so I presume his findings were correct.

I’m presuming that Apple takes their cut of the initial balance, then CoG takes their 75% cut of the current balance, then the Author receives the remaining balance.

I think the amount that the Author receives is about 17.5%.

I… think… :neutral_face:


@Ballmot We mods don’t actually work for Choice of Games. Better to ask one of the Hosted Games authors the specifics.

I believe Choice of Games suggests a price, but there can be some negotiation.


I believe the cut the app store takes comes off first. Then the money that’s left is split between the author and Choice of Games.

So say the app store takes 30%, that remaining 70% is the profit, and it’s divided up into the 25%/75% share. So it’s effectively 30% to the app store, 52.5% to Choice of Games, and 17.5% to the author.


Hope this helps dude!


@Packet You’ve the wrong figures there from Lucid’s quote. Those are the figures if you decide to publish the game yourself, and not go through the Hosted Games channel. Of course on top of that you’ll also need to pay for a license for the app stores you want to submit to, do all the work of submitting the game, handle your own technical support and that sort of thing.


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Some games are more linear than others, in which case you’ll see a larger number of words on a single playthrough.

“Choice of the Petal Throne” has 124,000 words of code; according to Randomtest, you read about 20,000 words per playthrough, about 16% of the source.

“Choice of Robots” has 307,000 words of source, 22,000 words per playthrough (7%).

“Slammed” has 263,446 words of source, 63,000 words per playthrough (24%).

“Heroes Rise: The Prodigy” has 100,642 words of source, 50,000 words per playthrough (50%).

For official CoG games, the average percentage is 20%; I think anywhere in the 20s is healthy. If your percentage is lower than that (if your game branches that much more), people seem not to notice how hard you’re working. The average word count is 150K, but that’s distorted by a few very large games; the median is 133K.