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Up until now, I contented myself with playing just the free games, but recently I decided to buy some of the hosted games (Sabers of Infinity and Life of a Wizard). As I don’t have neither Apple hard/software nor any Android devices, I decided to go to Chrome Webstore to get them. However, both those games (as well as other CoG games I checked) have their buy buttons grayed out and inactive. The store’s support just says that if the buttons are grayed out, one should contact the app’s designers. So I wanted to ask - are CoG games no longer buyable via the chrome store?

What country are you in, Ufnal?

Poland. Tried changing the country to “worldwide” in webstore settings, didn’t work. :frowning:

Do you have a Windows 8 computer? If so you can buy from the windows store. My guess is that it’s because you’re based in Poland. Google for some reason don’t sell to some countries. I wouldn’t have thought Poland was on that list though. Let me do a little looking.

Are the buttons greyed out for all games, or just for choice games?

Unfortunately, I’m still on Windows XP. I’ve seen another complaint about that at Sabers’ page from July, so it’s not only me. And I agree, if it turned out that Google doesn’t sell to Poland, it would be quite strange - more so that there was no problem with setting up a Google Wallet account from Poland.

I’m on Windows XP too.

I’ve looked and it seems as if they should be selling games in Poland, it’s on the list I found of countries google chrome does sell to, so that’s odd.

Have a look to see if other games are greyed out. Don’t buy them though. I suspect you’re going to need to email the choice of games support address.

The Windows Store is a Windows 8 thing so it wouldn’t be surprising if apps developed for it won’t work on XP.

@CJW I was just suggesting the windows store as an alternative to chrome if Ufnal was using Windows 8. Since Ufnal isn’t I’m trying to track down if the problem is buying anything in the chrome store or if it’s just with choice of games.

Actually, now that I look through the offers, it seems that the chrome store only displays me the apps that either are free or have free demos to install. I only get the “free” button (which works), never the “buy” button. So either chrome webstore really doesn’t want to sell me a thing or it’s some kind of problem with my account/ip/whatever. But it is very strange, and irritating, as I cannot purchase CoG games in any other way (iStore games work only on iPhones/iPads/that sort of thing, am I correct?). :frowning:

I’d try emailing google but I don’t think it would help that much. You could also try a proxy and see if that works but I’m not sure if that would be dangerous. You could also try emailing choice of games and asking if there’s another way you could purchase the games. I agree with you, it is frustrating that you can’t buy the games.

Ok, I’ll probably try one of these options. Thank you very, very much for a very quick and helpful reply!

Sorry I couldn’t be of more help. I hope that you can manage to get the games. It seems crazy that the stores refuse to accept your money and let you buy things.

Um, did you try changing BOTH the language to English and the country to USA? It works for me - otherwise I can’t buy anything either.

Also, you might need to set up your ‘Google wallet’ before you can buy in their chrome store.

@Ufnal Try using TunnelBear.


It seems like the last 4 Hosted Games releases are not available on the Chrome Webstore. Is CoG no longer releasing games available via that platform?


Bad news.

So it seems they just want out of the app store business. They should just state the fact bluntly.

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Wait, what’s going on? I can’t read text walls.

The short of it is that Google is closing down the Chrome Store.

So you soon you will no longer be able to purchase apps at unless you use the chrome operating system (which I think is just for chromebooks).

That means that those of us who like to play Choice of Games on our desktop computers, while offline will be limited to only being able to play at Steam.

BUT Steam has issues for some users, is more expensive than the chrome store, insists on running a background app and updating all the time. AND not all Hosted Games or Choice of Games are released on Steam.

Google does not want out of the app store business. They still have the play store, but that’s only for android apps.


I use mostly my tablet to play games, so I suppose I’m okay. Would a user agent switcher work?

Thanks FG.

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