Can i pass COG games from Chrome Web Store to Steam?

So, i have quite a few games from COG on chrome web store, a few of them are on Steam (Choice of Romance, Choice of Kung Fu, Samurai of Hyuga among others) but i have them on the Chrome Webstore, bought before COG started posting games on Steam. And i wonder if there is a way to have them on steam like keys or something without buying the game again. (I love the games, but paying twice just to have them on steam). I use mostly firefox so that’s one more reason to get them on steam.

Thank you for reading. And sorry for my bad english.

I believe you cannot.

I think it’s possible. Developers can generate steamkeys for their products.

That is what i was talking about. Some companies or developers send keys of their game to people who bought the game on other platforms so they can play it on Steam, GOG or however they want. And i was thinking that maybe choice of game can do that to people who bought games on Chrome Web store (Cause i think the service doesn’t work anymore even thought the games does work.)

Right now, if you purchase somewhere other than our website, please send a copy of your receipt to our support address ( and we will manually credit your webstore account. That’s the only purchase-transfer we can accommodate currently. (Steam users can also have their credits automatically restored to the web for our newer games by going on to the web store and using the option to restore from Steam there.)

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