Are CoG titles no longer available on Chrome Web store?

Hi just wondering if CoG have stopped selling their newer titles on the Chrome web store, After I noticed that latest release Runt of Litter is apparently not compatible with win xp via steam, I went get it on the web store but noticed it’s was not available except on Amazon Google play and apple store.

Is this a thing going forward, because Steam has been really unreliable for me lately, so I can;t tell weather the steam version really is not compatible with win xp or it;s just one of the numerous bugs that have affected me recently

Google are discontinuing the Chrome Webstore.


I’m not a huge fan of Steam either. I wish there was an alternative option to play choice games on a desktop computer. But it’s either the choice of games website, which requires you to be online, and it’s not currently available on, or Steam.

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Yep, I have my issues with Steam/Valve too and I’ve certainly brought them up on numerous occasions. Steam is overpriced, not very user-friendly compared to what Chrome used to be and very unreliable (and often late) with pushing out updates for non AAA titles. Case in point, we’ve still not received the Tommy update for Zombie Exodus on Steam.

Hope CoG eventually goes into business with another desktop online retailer, like GoG or something.

Not the main issue for me, the main issue is that it is entirely server based then and I cannot peak at the code, something I’ve come to enjoy doing and another thing that used to be very easy with Chrome.


You can look at the code of games on the website.

You can’t change the code though.

Which in some games (looking at you upcoming XoR release) would indeed be bad.

Damm thats a shame I really liked the ease of use of the chrome web store especially since I rarely use steam as much as I used to, hell I think most game time in my Steam library is split between choice of The Robot and Slammed if that says anything at all

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Maybe make a CoGLauncher app of some kind that provides the same kind of functionality as the Chrome app launcher for CoGs, as well as a tidy storage for each game’s folder?