Chrome 73 can install our games as desktop apps from our web site

If you update to the latest version of Google Chrome (Version 73), you can now install Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) and have them work offline. Click the Chrome menu button, Help --> About Chrome to check your version and automatically upgrade.

Specifically, our games are PWAs, so you can go to and click the menu icon in the upper right to “Install Chronicon Apocalyptica.”

It downloads a little app thingy that you can then double-click on to play, even offline.

This may provide a satisfying experience for you if you’d like to play our games on Windows or Mac, but you’d prefer not to purchase our games from Steam.

(There are a few bugs with the PWA experience if you click the links at the top of the page, but it’s better than nothing.)


I just want to note this is pretty exciting! We’ve had a lot of unhappy customers since the Chrome Web Store shut down, and requests for a desktop app type version of our games that will work offline–this is a step in this direction. I hope some of you will find it fills a non-mobile and non-Steam purchase niche.


This is actually a very cool development! Thanks for bringing this to our attention! :star_struck:


@idonotlikeusernames, have you seen this?


Thanks for the heads up, though even if I do have some issues with it I will try to continue to primarily support the games on Steam as PC gaming should not be an afterthought (and as @Eiwynn said they believed in PC gaming at a time about a decade or so ago when most “experts” and talking heads were awfully fond of declaring it dead.) , but this sure is nice for those games that are, for whatever reason, not released on Steam.
All in all, this might even help with my main issue with Steam (besides no phone customer support): it’s position as a near monopolist these days.