Is there a way to just download these to my computer? also I'm kinda sad about just having demo's

So I hope this gets addressed at some point, I don’t have an I phone or an I pad or a kindle so I just come here to play the games for free on the site and now it’s just short demo’s being released it seems like. If there was a way to be able to pay for these games and download them to the computer I would I like playing these games but not enough to go out and get an I pad just for some 2 dollars games. Are there any plans for expanding how the games are released?

thanks for reading!

Chrome web store

Thanks! I’ve been checking it out and looked at it I hope they add past games there I really want to buy the earlier ones!

A number of the older games are complete, for example Marine Raider and The Race.

Yes, any game that’s not complete is for sale on the Chrome Web Store.

So I’m not sure what your complaint is, @Matt197981