Downloads for PC


Serious question: The Android store is restricted to phone downloads and the Apple Store is much the same, I /think/. Is there any way to download games for the PC without using Steam (which most games are not set up for just yet)?


Choice of Games strongly suggests that you buy the games that are on Steam there, because the more sales they make there the more games they can release on Steam.

You can buy the games on the Choice of Games website, or on the Chrome Webstore.


I have no problem doing so for the games which are on Steam. The issue is, ultimately, that if I buy them via the website I seem not to be directed to be able to download them (I might be just missing a cue) while Chrome directs me to which app I want to use (and I’m on a Lenovo PC).


To add to what @FairyGodfeather said, no, there’s no way to download to your computer other than Steam.

edit: Per @FairyGodfeather, the Chrome version can be downloaded and played offline, but you still have to use the browser for it.


Thanks for the answer. It’s not what I was hoping for (obviously), but I do appreciate the information. Like I said, I’ve got no problem using Steam (I’m not a plan and I’m likely to get stuck replicating purchases between Chrome and Steam over time), but it’s still a bit frustrating all the same. It looks like I’m going to be back to Bluestacks sometime this week.


@Gray I misunderstood. Yes, the website requires you to be online to play the games. I recently realised that the great thing about the official site is that I can play games on both my tablet and on my computer there.

While I hate to contradict Jason, the Chrome store does download the games so you can play them offline. (But I take it you know that.) I also now own the games on Chrome and on Steam.

@JasonStevenhill Incidentally what happened with the Windows Store? I just had a look there and there’s only 12 games there.


No one buys on the Windows Store. The amount of time it takes to put them up there is not worth the revenue. I mean, really not worth the time.

CoG and Chrome Webstore

Yeah the Windows Store is horrible. I couldn’t use it on my windows xp computer. When I got my Windows8 one I did have a look and I just hated it. I only just remembered it right now when there was mention of downloading games since I wondered if it did, had a look at it, remembered why I hated it, and came back here to ask. I don’t think anyone’s going to miss the games there.