How to play COG on a Windows Phone?


PLEASE HELP!!! Okay, so after I lost my iPhone on a city bus, I pulled out my backup phone. It’s a Lumia 640 LTE with Microsoft Store. I can’t find any COG on the store so I’m wondering…
How can I purchase and play COG on a Windows phone??
Help and tips are very much appreciated.


I believe they just weren’t making enough sales on Windows to justify releasing the games onto the windows marketplace.

If you still have the receipts for your iphone games though you can send them to Choice of Games and they’ll give you access to the games on the choiceofgames website. Of course you need to be connected to the internet to play those.


Can you download Chrome browser on a Windows phone? That might let you play the portions that are available online, and all the WIPs…


Thank you guys so much. As for the receipt part that should still be connected to my iTunes account because thats how I purchased them. @CitizenShawn @FairyGodfeather
It’s heartbreaking because I love buying the new releases when they come out and I’ve missed a few. :cry:


The chrome store might work

Can you try the Chrome Store and download the games there (try a free one) and see if you can play the games that way on your phone?


@FairyGodfeather I tried it, but my device is incompatible. Ugh!
Seems like I will be getting a 2nd job so I can get a new iPhone because I can’t live without COG! :sweat_smile:


Maybe borrow a tablet or something? Just don’t buy a Kindle and you should be fine. Even a used one will run CoG.


Oh! That’s annoying. I wasn’t sure. I’ve never used a windows phone myself.

You could always buy a cheap android tablet. I think they come in at a lot cheaper than apple devices.

I picked up mine for dirt cheap by shopping on ebay, purchasing an older refurbished model from a reputable seller. It doesn’t play the latest fancy games, but it does play choice of games. (And yes, I did purchase it so I could play choice of games, and beta-test games from the forum on it).


@CitizenShawn @FairyGodfeather

Omg thank you guys so much idk why I haven’t thought of that sooner especially as how I’ve had e-reader/tablet before. This community is so helpful and nice and welcoming!! :blush:


You’re welcome!

I love my tablet so much! :heart: Even if it’s an old used one.

Hopefully you’ll soon be back to being able to play Choice of games with the rest of us. :slight_smile: