Can't transfer a game from Steam to site

Hello, fellow readers.

I recently bought Choice of Magics, the new CoG game, on Steam. Then I tried to transfer it to my account as said in transfer FAQ: pressed the button, logged in my Steam account, waited for some time but instead of having the game transferred I got this error message:

{“error”:“Invalid Claimed ID:”}

Maybe someone has encountered the same problem? Before you ask, my game list is not private and I do have the game. Thank you for your time.

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Maybe Steam doesn’t detect the game files?

In any case, if you bought the game, you should get the puchase receipt from Steam in your e-mail.

Forward that receipt to CoG support mail and ask to unlock the game on the site for you: support (@) choiceofgames (.) com

Yeah, did that and after a while I got my game. Thanks for the suggestion.

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im also getting this error

"{“error”:"Invalid Claimed ID:"}"

and its not steam failing to detect game files it the site failing to connect or detect the game on the steam account

The solution is still the same.