Cannot Restore Purchases from Steam!

I recently bought Fallen Hero: Rebirth on Steam, and I wanted to restore purchases from Steam to the cog website so that I could check out the code. But whenever I try to do so, I’m always given the error message “Restore completed. This product is not yet purchased.” even though it is there in my Steam library. How do I transfer my purchase to the web version of the game?

Hi, you send your receipt from Steam to CoG email support so they unlock the CoG version of the game.


Oh thanks! But I’m just curious about why it isn’t working. They’ve implemented the restore purchases from steam in the newest games, and I’m unable to restore purchases for any of them. It should work, but it isn’t, and I would like to figure out why.

That’s odd. As far as I recall, you cannot access your Steam purchases with the CoG website version without asking the staff to unlock it for you.

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Readers wouldn’t know. Every time something like this happens, all that can be done is emailing CoG support.

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They’ve added that option recently, I think.

Perhaps you put the wrong email? If it 's not the case, better send an email if there is an issue. They might resolve it much quicker. XD

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It takes me to correct page and I log in with the very same account with which I purchased these games, but eh. I guess all I can do now is wait for support to respond.


I’ve been having the same issues as well. Yes, one can contact the support, but I hope this would get sorted, or at least acknowledged. Surely it could be fixed? shrug


It’s September and I’ve just encountered this error. Would be nice if the button to restore purchases actually worked. Why would they add the button if it doesn’t do anything?

You could write to support and tell them? It might get you a faster response than posting here in the forum.

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Same problem here

Ditto. Contacted support - not reply thus far.

Just remove the button it it doesn’t work / provide a bit more detail on the “restore your games” page.

How long ago did you contact their support? CoG is a pretty small business, I’m not sure if they could contact you during weekends.

Best to follow up through email since CoG staff rarely go to the forums to check if there are problems.