Cannot restore purchases

Hello, I’m working on a new guide for Choice of Rebels (2CHA/1COM Inner Voice Helot), and I wanted to check the code to make sure things were accurate. So I wanted to restore my purchases from Steam. I used to be able to do this with no issue.

But now, on both my Laptop and IPhone, I get:

{“error”:“Invalid Claimed ID:[Insert Steam ID here]”}

When I input my Steam Account. I’ve tried deleting cookies and browsing history as well, and nothing changes.

Any ideas of what to do?

Isn’t the game is automatically added to your library, despite you’ve been uninstalling it?

And I’d recommend you to delete that link, tho. If that’s something related to your personal data, it’s no good to share it at public space.

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Thanks! The link was a broken link, the number is just my public Steam profile. Anyways,

The game is in my Steam library, but I cannot (anymore) restore purchases through linking the Steam account to, which is the way you look at the game’s code.

Hm. I mean… Oh.

So you want to link your steam purchase to your CoG account (or something like that)?

If the restore button doesn’t work, you can try to mail: support AT choiceofgames DOT com

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Yes, exactly.

I’ll try emailing them with my Steam receipts, maybe they can manually restore it. Thanks!

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