problem with steam purchase for hg game

so it’s my first time using steam to make a purchase for a book, but when I opened hosted games app (my app store doesn’t have wayhaven book 3, but only inside hg app, dunno if it’s the same case for play store) and tried to restore purchase, it said that i didn’t buy the book yet? I’m confused. did anyone else have the same problem? if so, how to fix it?

On the CoG website IN YOUR BROWSER (chrome/Microsoft edge/firefox/etc), you have to be logged into your CoG account. Then on the bottom of the page, click “restore purchases”

There should be an option to log into steam iirc, and restore purchases from there.

After steam purchases are restored, you can then restore purchases inside the app.

Basically process is: buy on steam > restore to CoG account in browser > can then restore in app

Info to transfer from anywhere to anywhere can be found here: Transferring Purchases - Choice of Games LLC.


oh you’re a lifesaver😭 i ran to my laptop as soon as i saw this and i finally got to access it on my phone, thank you so much!!

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