Steam to android?

Hi all. I have some games on steam (they’re usually much cheaper for me to buy that way), but more often use my phone to read them. Any way I can get them ported over to the android app? I wouldn’t have thought so but thought I remember seeing somewhere that it was possible.

Go to, login, and “Restore purchases from Steam” there. That will transfer all of your Steam purchases to our web site.

Then, in the Choice of Games and/or Hosted Games app(s), login on the Settings page. That will transfer all of your web purchases to Android.


Thank you! I’ll try that :slight_smile:

Alternatively, you can send an e-mail with the Steam receipt of the games you’ve bought to CoG support or the specific Google Play Store support email depending on whether it’s a HG, CoG or HC. You can find the latter in the omnibus’s settings tab and scroll down.

Not sure why the restore Steam purchases button never works for me, so I always have to e-mail support and ask them to transfer my Steam games to my CoG account. That way I can restore it via my account on the omnibus and read on my phone.

Sometimes something similar happens to me too. After logging in Steam and being redirected to CoG’s website I get “Error 404 - Page not found”, but then if I select “my profile” (without closing the tab or going back) the purchases are always correctly restored.

Maybe if you hadn’t already tried that you can solve your problem in this way!