Buying games through paypal

I’m just wondering if there is any way to buy games on the site using paypal rather then a card as Unless i’m missing something you can only buy games using a card and there are no other options provided at least on the choice of games site. If that is true and i’m not just missing something obvious then i was wondering why paypal isn’t an option especially since as far as i’m aware that’s how hosted games authors are payed their share of profits. Thanks in advance to anyone who answers this and sorry if i’m missing something stupidly obvious and just wasting your time.

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I don’t think you’re missing anything, as CC appears to be the only payment method on the website.

Alternatively, CoG provides a transfer service. You can buy games on apple/google/steam through paypal and have your purchase receipts mailed to Your games then should be unlocked on your website account. Not ideal, but something nonetheless.


Thanks you for the reply, but i would rather buy games through the site directly to further support them and the writers, whereas im pretty sure apple/google/steam all take a percentage of the profits. Do you know any reason why the site doesn’t let people buy through paypal?

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