Buying Games Payment Method

I like choice of games and up until a few minutes ago I liked the payment method but I was asked to pay through steam this time. I am playing on a computer if that is important.

I didn’t think much about the change and did it anyway but now its asking me to install.

I have bought games in the past and was able to play online once I purchased them, but now it still has the buy option have I done something wrong? Because if I have to install everything I buy I don’t think I will be buying games anymore.

I have bought all my games (CoG) on Steam.
It’s not a problem: we can play online with steam but you can install on your PC too (it is very small).

Tried to play online still says I haven’t purchased the game. I even went so far as to install it which was really annoying as I have all my games online. It just makes it really awkward if I want to jump from game to game. That was what I liked about the online thing no download no messing about with my desktop or menu’s it was all right there in the website. That was whole reason I bookmarked this site no fussing about.

If anyone knows how to keep buying online that would be great or if its game specific. The game in question is ‘A Wise Use of Time’.

It’s quite easy really. The CoG staff is trying to augment their Steam numbers so they redirect the people that buy the games on the website to Steam so they can buy it there. If it really is tha big of a problem for you then you can always send an email to and they’ll work something out with you.

Wise Use of Time is available for purchase on Choice of Games’ website now.

Clicked the buy it now button but it still brought me to steam think I’ll just stick to the older games their payment method seem to work fine.