Methods of paying for the games

So I must first say that I enjoyed the Choice of Romance: Affairs of the court and got to the part where I shud get to part 2 and pay for the 0,99 dollars for it. BUT I have a problem, cuz I do not own a card, which is needed to pay for the part 2 . SO I must ask, are you going to add any other paying methods, like mobile or paysafe cards ?

I wud be delighted if someone wud answer to this, thank you (:

please help me…I need help D:

I had this problem too, anyway do you have an android device ?

Yes I do have. Why do you ask?
I know that I cud play the games on my android device, but it still wud need the card number for paying, I think
At least that’s what most of the apps and games that cost money do need.

There is google play, in which you can buy stuff using their prepaid cards (basically kind like paysafe)

But wouldn’t you need to use a card to get money for the prepaid card?


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Oh wow :o
Most of those stores are not here in Finland, but atleast Gamestop is close to my place so I cus buy one of those giftcards … Though I wud love to just play these novels on my browser, not on my phone ^^’
I guess it can’t be helped

I feel for you, as i said i had the same problem anyway, happy to help.

Also side note the stores in the site i send you are not actually all, so you might want to check if there are also other stores that sell them in your country

Yeah okay thanks : )
Nah I dont need to do that, cuz Gamestop is so close to me that I can just go there : )

But I wud still say that it wud be beneficial to everyone if there were a possibility to buy the games with mobile devices!~
I’m just saying : )

If you purchase the games on your phone, and then email copies of the receipts to Jason, he’ll credit you with the games on the choice of games webstore, so you can play them in your browser.

You can use a google card to purchase the games on the chrome store, instead of for your phone. While the Play store only works on android tablets, the chrome store works on PCs.

Alternatively, I believe stores can also sell steam wallet cards. You could purchase one of those and play the games on your PC which have been released on Steam. While Choice of Games prefer you purchase the games on Steam, not all the games are available there yet, unfortunately. (It also tends to be very slightly more expensive than the google store options for me as a Brit.)


Alright! Thank you for your long helpful comment : )
I checked the chrome store for the choice of romance game i’m looking for, and the only one there is the affairs of the court, which I played free on my browser…

Affairs of the Court is the name for all three games, bundled together. You’ll find the chrome store version will also ask for money at the same mark to unlock the rest of the game. If you have a google card you can then use that to progress further and unlock the next bit.

If you really want to just continue your game on the main site though, just purchase the game on any of the platforms and send Jason a copy of your receipts. I haven’t played the paid version so I’m not sure if there’s one section that needs unlocked or two.

Alright. Thanks! I think I cud just purchase the game from the chrome store.

Did not know that, thanks !

Can you pay using a PayPal account? I think so.