I need help i cant download your games

First i cant with my old iphone now not with my shiny new last drivers androit and with money
Still without playing your games sniff maybe someone can help me?

My maestro card dont accepted to pay for your game
A give 10€ card to mobiroo to pay for android games dont reconaise your games

That’s more of android market (Google Play Store) problem, as opposed to Choice of Games, isn’t it?

Other apps allow me to pay with both without problems

I want pay for your games only i have to have a visa? Mastercard? I have to go tomorrow to bank so tell me what type i need

Please moderators Jason i got a 25€ card to buy all your games if no one give me a solution i have to buy all otome and rpg games in android market when i want buying ALL YOUR GAMES i want them what can i do they said something that not trustfull games


err… I don’t really understand what the problem is. But even so, we don’t really handle money. As @CJW points out, it’s a Google thing, not a COG thing.

I recive like a present a mobiroo gift card to buy apps in the android they give a catalog to pick the apps in the store i can download almost every thing app capcom ea games etc but they say your games arent trustfull apps so i have to waste my money in otome rpg games.
Mobiroo are most sell cards in world so if they include your games in their catalog you will have a lot of more people playing your games
Thanks for the help anyway @jasonstevanhill sadly now i have to waste 25 € in apps i dont want!


Read this article: http://www.chipchick.com/2011/11/mobiroo-app-gift-card.html
Your (3rd party) card just doesn’t support their apps for whatever reason.

Developer information if you guys are interested Jason:

I wait to spend my 25 € card until i now for sure that you are in mobiroo or not in spain is the most and i believe only gift target to android so i hope you are included.