Web Store Open! (Sorta)

Well, SLAMMED! is now available for purchase on the website directly from us.

We hope to have the other WFH titles out by the New Year (Heroes Rise, EEA, Fleet, Kung Fu, Treasure Seekers, Hero Project, Showdown). We’re starting with the WFH ones because, if something goes screwy, we don’t have to worry about that affecting any author’s royalties.

We’ll expand to the rest of COG games, and then to HG.

Right now, you can only pay via Credit Card using Stripe. We intend to expand to more payment options as well.

We’ve further come to the conclusion (upon consultation with professionals) that neither Sales Tax nor VAT needs to be collected. The price is the price.

We also hope to be able to credit your COG account with any purchases you’ve made via Google (if you’ve already bought a game for your Android or on the Chrome Web Store, we hope to comp you a copy on our Web Store). That’s going to take a few months, so be patient. There might be a way to do that for Apple as well, but the rules are more strict and the dev tools less developed.

Ho ho ho.

Does this mean you don’t have to go through a vendor (i.e. Apple, Android, etc) and retain all of the revenue?

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@samuel_h_young that’s the idea. But, unfortunately, at lower price-points Stripe takes more than the regular platforms. Part of the reason we want to add other payment methods. Hopefully we can find a more efficient one.

The best for us (still) is Chrome; they only take 5%.

There are several advantages, however, to having our own webstore:

  1. people that don’t have a smartphone and who can’t use/don’t want to use Chrome can buy the game now. We have several customers in random places that just couldn’t purchase our games because of the quirks of the different platforms.
  2. We can “comp” games. Before, giving away games was surprisingly difficult. Now we can run things like Twitter contests or something.
  3. Affiliate marketing: at some point, we hope to set up a referral system where you can get your games for free if you can get other people to buy them using your link/code/whatever. Our big problem right now, of course, is making more people aware of what we do. And if our biggest fans can help us spread the word–and be rewarded for it–so much the better.

Sounds awesome! I hope you guys notice a boost in sales. I’ll spread the word.

Hi I have a question. Can I play chrome games through my Nexus 7? I would love to give you guys the cash instead of the vendor. :smiley: