Please help test our new payment system (finished)

UPDATE: We have enough beta testers!

I’ve implemented a payment system for that will allow players to play our games directly on our website. When you reach the end of the free trial, the game will prompt you to “Buy it now,” which you can do by typing in your credit card information.

I’ve tested it on my own computer, but I’m not 100% sure it works properly; I’d like to request some volunteers to beta test it.

Specifically, I’ve prepared a special beta version of “SLAMMED!” for you to test. It’s $3.99 with a free trial. I’m happy to refund the cost of the game to any beta tester who requests a refund; you can keep the game on your account as a token of our appreciation.

(I’d especially like to hear from folks who live in countries that are unable to normally use the Chrome Web Store.)

If this is something that interests you, please email to request access to the beta (and let us know if you’d like a refund when the test is finished).

When we have enough beta testers, I’ll update this post and close the thread.


I’m really excited that finally the site’s going to allow direct payments.

I do have a couple of questions though.

Is the payment made in dollars? If so then does that mean it’s subject to bank fees? I don’t think that my own bank fees for dealing in a foreign currency would be refunded even if the rest of the money is. Last I checked they were charging about £1 for every foreign currency transaction, which is one of the things that tends to make minor transactions online prohibitive.

Does that price automatically include tax? Or are we again charged extra depending on our area?

How is payment made? Paypal or credit card?

I will be happy to beta test it.

I haven’t pc so I can’t use but I don’t have issues using google play in spain using google play with master card doesn’t have a addicional task but I pay in euros . I don’t know if this is same, sorry if I couldnt help more

I could beta test this for you. I do want to ask of we are going to be able to link our google play accounts with our CoG accounts though. On my Google Play account, I have bought a great majority of the games released so far, and I wouldn’t really see it being fair to have to pay again. None the less, I am happy to help ;).

paysafe prepaid cards?

The payment is made via credit card, and we request the payment in dollars. It seems possible that your bank might try to keep the £1 fee, even if we refund your money. :frowning: But at this point, I really have no way of knowing what will happen.

So, if you’re willing to risk the £1, I’m very curious to see what happens when you try to use our system, and what will happen if/when we refund it.

We hooked up a “pay with credit card” option first, because it was the easiest way to get started. (We’re using Stripe. It’s possible that bank transfer fees will make this a totally useless system for anyone outside the US, in which case we’ll probably try to add another payment option, perhaps PayPal.

We definitely plan to add support for Google Wallet in the future; we will then be able to grant you access to games purchased on Chrome, but we haven’t done that yet. (Granting access to games purchased on Android Google Play might be trickier, but hopefully not impossible.)