Need help with playing my Choice Of Games account


For the last two hours I have been trying to download and play Mecha Ace and the Heroes Rise trilogy on my iPhone. I’ve tried to repurchase them on my iPhone but can’t so I came to the website to see if I can repurchase them there. The website says I did not have a choice of games account and I needed to purchase them. The thing is I did purchase them. On the google chrome app extension. So now I wanna be able to play Mecha Ace and the Heroes Trilogy while I’m on the go but can’t. Can anyone help me?


None of the stores are linked., Steam, google chrome, the iphone store, etc, I don’t think any of them actually speak to eachother, they’re different platforms.

You could try emailing the choice of games email support with proof that you’ve purchased the games on another platform and see if they’d be willing to give you credit in the choice of games website store.


Alright, I’ll give that a try.


I’d be surprised if CoG would do that. Android and iOS are different systems. It would be like playing a Playstation game, then wanting to play the same game on an xbox for free…


They might say no. I wasn’t speaking of Android vs IOS though. I was speaking of the possibility of it being available from the choice of games website store.

I found the Jason quote, although I’m not sure if they actually managed to implement this or decided against doing so. It is from a post from last year.