Hero Project In App Purchase Issue

I’ve noticed I can’t buy any of the in-app options in the new Heroes Rise sequel - the transaction won’t go through. I think the problem is the currency is set in USD, rather than adjusting to the user 's currency (like the other CoG apps, in which in-app purchases work fine).
Rather a shame, I was looking forward to throwing more money at this excellent game.

Is this a problem with the app store messing something else, or something with the game’s code?

Anyone else experiencing this?

Yeah, we’ve uploaded a patch to take care of it the problem. It’ll be a week or so before it gets approved, though.

I buy it perfectly in gooogle play don’t work? I don’t try it yet.

Edit In google play works fine

@jasonstevanhill: Ah, I see. Is this issue present in other platforms as well? I was going to suggested to my friend to buy it on the Chrome web store, but if it’s not working there anyway, she might prefer to stick with the app store.

@Jackrabbit Only the guide is broken, and only in this game, due to a bug on our part, and only on the “Upgrade” menu. You can still buy the guide at the end of the game. The MeChip Warning System should work perfectly on all versions of iOS.

Hello :slight_smile:

I would like to ask, when it’s supposed to be on the amazon app store.

Thank you

To be clear

  • No IAPs are available on Chrome Web Store; we haven’t set up an IAP system there.

  • It should be possible to buy the MeChip Warning System iOS and Android.

  • On iOS, the Perfect Legend Guide doesn’t work on the Upgrade menu, but there’s another opportunity to purchase it at the end of the game. (This bug also existed briefly on Android, but we fixed it there.)

If you say you can’t buy “any” items, including the MeChip Warning System, that’s not expected. Please contact support, tell us where you purchased the game, and we’ll investigate.

I’m running on IOS 7, if that matters, downloaded the game from the app store.

I meant I can’t buy the real currency in-app purchases, like the guide, because I get an error message.
When buying items with the game’s money, not real-world currency, it works fine.

My theory is that it’s something to do with the way the app-store allow access to local content.
I know I can’t buy any content that is not available internationally. So I thought this was the problem here, as the price for was set in USD, rather than the converted value in my currency, like in other CoG games.

So it this a known bug, or does you need to investigate my case individually?

I read an article that said iOS7 is causing a lot of issues with web apps, I’ve no idea if this is related, but it could be. Are the iOS versions in OBJ-C or JavaScript?


I’m not having problems with any other apps, though. Is there something different about this one?

Not really an issue, but more of a complaint as to why it’s not available for Kindle? :’(

I second this.Why is not on the amazon appstore?

and why isn’t the guide on sale for the chrome version?

AAA should be available in the next few days.

Chrome doesn’t have IAP because we haven’t figured out how to do IAP there yet.

well do tell when you have :smiley:

Um, I’m confused, why not use the regular methods, offered by Google?
(I mean this https://developers.google.com/commerce/wallet/digital/)

Is this IAP system not compatible with the ChoiceOf script, or something like that?

@djma46 With the Chrome version you get the guide at the end of the game, after the part where it tells you how you’ve done (at least I got it there).

I see now that its up for amazon kindle, but my kindle isn’t an android which I’m assuming it needs to be to purchase?