Anyone else not able to buy the Warning System in Redemption System for ios?

I play Redemption Season on iphone. When I tried to buy the Mechip warning system, it said that it wasn’t available and didn’t let me buy it.

However, when I bought the short story, it came through no problem.

I’m wondering if anyone else is also having this problem and if there is a solution to this.

Note that I tried redeeming the warning system before but nothing happened. I didn’t try this for the short story. Could this be a reason why I can’t buy it?

Okay, to clarify:

Did you unlock the whole game before trying to buy it
tried to buy it before unlocking the game?

I bought the whole game.

Ah, okay. I misread your initial post.
Mhnn… Looking through the forum a lot of people have trouble with the additional in-app purchases in the series.

So it’s a common problem? Any solutions?

Reinstalling didn’t work

Have you emailed support at choiceofgames? They should be able to help you, I think. (: