Redemption Season: A couple of technical concerns (MeChip Warning System & HeroFall Saves on CoG)

So I’ve been having an absolute blast with Redemption Season thus far, but I’ve run into two little snags and wanted to see if anyone had had similar experiences & could provide some insight.

Firstly, I purchased the game on Steam with the MeChip Warning System DLC and installed both, but the game doesn’t seem to acknowledge that I have the DLC. It’s also not giving me any way to redeem the purchase. Does anyone know how to deal with this?

Secondly, everything I’ve read about making a HeroFall save to load into Redemption Season references updating HeroFall to the latest version of whatever app platform you have it on. My problem arises from the fact that I don’t actually have it in app form; I bought and played it on the CoG website itself, back when that was still a thing. I’ve yet to play through it again to see if there’s a save option at the end, and figured I’d ask here before I devote time to that. Can I save HeroFall on the CoG website, or will I have to purchase it all over again on another platform if I wish to do so? (On a semi-related note, all of my achievements for HeroFall have disappeared. Anything I can do about that?)

Any & all advice is appreciated. Thanks!

I’ve noticed this with the Warning System DLC, too. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the DLC (Steam version), starting a new game, none of it seems to matter. I’m still being given a ‘Buy It’ button for the app store (which doesn’t actually link to anything), a reminder I can activate it in the “Home Menu” (which isn’t accurate in the Steam version), and regular story prompts suggesting I get the DLC.

EDIT: the latest update fixed at least the Steam version!


Buying Redemption Season on my mobile through google play doesn’t recognize I have any saves; having purchased the other three games on my desktop through Steam.

Saves are tied to the mail you use on CoG. Try Retrieve Saves with your email here.

Already did. I get all of my saves for Prodigy and THP and nada for HeroFall.

I’m not sure, but I think it was patched to create saves for Redemption so you may have possibly not had any? I know I had to replay mine to create a save.

I get none- the saves from Steam aren’t linked to CoG mail at all. Then again, I haven’t played them recently. If the CoG email save system was patched in, that would give me more confidence to try a replay of the old games.

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yes the save system was patched in.

All 3 games have the option to retrieve saves from the CoG email system. Once you do that you have an option to upload saves to the CoG email system. Once I’d done that I could load saves in to redemption season.