Can't Buy Warning System in Hero Project


Hi, I’ve started playing the Hero Project project on mobile, and early in the game I get the opportunity to buy the warning system for $50,000. However, it says I can’t afford to buy it, even though I have $55,000, and says that I can only buy it through real money. Does anyone know what to do?


The MeChip Warning System is essentially a DLC add-on that you have to buy with real money to unlock in-game.


You can buy it with in game money in the third game, but not in the second one (which I found odd but ah well)


You’re supposed to be able to buy it with in-game money in HR2.

EDIT: You have to have at least $60,000 in order to spend $50,000 on the chip.


My mistake, thanks for the clarification


Alright, thanks for the info.