Heroes Rise 2: The Hero Project Bug Report

Hey. I found a bug where even if I don’t romance Black Magic in the first game (didn’t respond to BM’s booty call), I still know about BM’s secret in the second game.

This might just be me. But I was told by @FairyGodfeather to start a Heroes Rise 2: The Hero Project bug report so that I can say my piece.

Also if there are any other bugs others want to talk about: feel free to say it here.

Just found this thread, figured should post in this thread instead. My problem is I have more than 50,000$ but I can’t use that money to buy MeChip warning system?

@Skeith You can only buy the system if you have $60,000. I agree, it’s confusing. I think the theory is that you need to keep some money back for living expenses.

Eh, you can have over 100K from the first game anyway, and it’s not like you’d be spending in on anything else (beside rent, but that’s 1500, I think.)

@Madwolf023 Can you tell us more about where BM’s secret is referenced?

@jasonstevanhill Sure. It’s around the point where you get BM’s profile as a part of looking at the competition and the time when BM’s Secret is revealed. In the first one when reading BM’s profile it reads: You know more about Black Magic and (Black Magic’s) reality-altering Powers. But I didn’t sleep with BM (or hell spend much time with BM), so how could I know about BM’s reality-altering Powers?

The second one occurs as an options:
Considering my and Black Magic’s relationship does anyone think I knew Black Magic’s secret. What relationship?
Black Magic got what (Black Magic) Deserved. I interpreted that to mean that I knew what Black Magic’s secret was, since I didn’t react to it with shock
Then they talk about my showmance-gone-wrong: And I meet BM who then says: We both know what has happened between us.
And I’m like: No, what happened between us? Nothing!
Then the next page Black Magic says: I need you, Character Name. I always have. Which is kinda weird thing to say to someone who has refused any sort of interaction with you (This statement being from Black Magic’s point-of-view)

That’s it. None of these incidents on their own mean anything. But in my mind it shows the whole picture of something happening between you and Black Magic, even if it didn’t.

This all happens, by the way, on a single Playthrough, from a save in Heroes One, where I refused all advances from Black Magic.

I have same BM problems and worse. I did a play in first game with 1 rapport with BM choosing all the nasty choices against it I not going bed with him and not idea his secret.

The worst is game assume in some parts that he was my boyfriend and with 1 of relationship is insulting, make me break mi inmersion think like I need your help most than ever. Or my charactersuddenly emotions about it . Then I was supposely know his secret and being worry about my relationship sure I really scary about it.