Heroes Rise 1.1 Patch Update


Personally, although I liked seeing some of the new in-game options (like being able to spite Prodigal by throwing away her manifesto without listening to it), I couldn’t help but notice some glitches, at least for the iPad version. This time the game NEVER updated my stats in the Stats list (Health, Power, Legend, Relationships, etc.), even though the updated stats were still considered in-game. Also, during this run, I discovered that your Legend score doesn’t increase like it used to. (I can’t tell which parts have this problem, because again, my Legend score was never updated on my Stats list.) For example, in my recent playthrough of the updated version, I played through the game using a set of choices that, in the past, always gave me a final Legend score of at least 78, but this time I got a 49 instead. I don’t know why this is, but I would strongly appreciate if these glitches were fixed as soon as possible.

So, what are your thoughts on this recent update? Discuss here.


I got the same problem, well actually no increase in stats is shown at all, including legend score.


Wha? The game actually takes into account whether you read the manifesto now? That was actually one of my suggestions! Awesome!

Can anyone tell me if anything else was changed/added?


Issues regarding stats not increasing have happened before, try uninstalling and reinstalling the application, I believe that fixed it in some situations.


@CJW: I just tried that, and yes, it looks like most of the stats are showing now. (Although the game didn’t seem to register the $100 advance in the beginning.)

And because of that, now I can see that your Legend score doesn’t increase like it used to in some parts. For example, at the start of the game, when you get a small Legend bonus for starting your hero career, it starts me off now with just 1 Legend point instead of 5, and other times I’ve seen that it only increases by 1. Was this changed on purpose, or is it another glitch?


Little update on my last comment. I just saw that the Legend boosts at the end from choosing to spare Prodigal and still stopping the death wave didn’t register at all, either on the Stats list or in the actual game. I already tried uninstalling/reinstalling, so it’s apparently the game itself that didn’t include those added points.


If you have problems with any iOS COG not registering stat changes, try deleting it and re-downloading. I had a similar problem when Way Walkers updated recently, so I did it for Heroes Rise as a matter of course.

Also, I think legend points may have been rebalanced to take into account the upcoming sequel. Not sure, I also noticed lower legend points throughout the story but I still got a few legend bonuses. I ended up with 50 legend making the same choices as a pre-patch game that ended me with high 70s.

Anyway, I appreciated the new options to dislike Black Magic right away. I find his behavior pretty objectionable almost right away (invading the main character’s mind without permission was a huge flag to me, let alone you know what scene later). I’ll probably carry a save game into the sequel with a Black Magic romance to see how it develops, but I currently find him to be about on Jury’s level. Well, maybe worse. Jury’s a weirdo creeper but he hasn’t assaulted my character.

Really appreciated the new option to flirt with Jenny at the end. Although I’m not actually sure if it’s new or if I just had trouble lowering my score enough with Black Magic before the “I don’t like this guy” options were put in. I also loved being able to throw away Prodigal’s manifesto without reading.

All these little touches helped me enjoy the game more the second time around. There are still a few things that bother me, like how if I choose to save the reporter at the end the game assumes I did it because I’m a fame seeking attention grabber. My actual reasoning was more along the lines of combatant vs. noncombatant. The reporter, Sonja, is a civilian in the whole mess while my sidekick has seen a couple of combat situations with me and at least has a shot at self-defense. I also don’t understand how the original hero nominated for the hero award was disqualified by having his legs broken. Heroing is a pretty dangerous business, I don’t see why broken limbs would take anyone out of the running. I would have liked to donate at some or all of my Hero of Tomorrow award money to that guy. I also don’t really like that being a team-oriented hero makes me a shoe-in for the Millennial Group. I don’t like Black Magic or Jury and I would have rather tried out for the other team that was mentioned, the Everymen. But I understand that writers have to keep things manageable and writing a new team option in the next game is probably not going to happen.

So all that said, I appreciated the changes in the patch and will keep an eye out for the sequel, when or if it comes.


I agree with you 100% about the choice between Sonja and the sidekick. There were too many other factors to consider in that situation, so making it a strictly Fame vs. Justice choice may not be accurate for every character. That said, I think the game should ask for your character’s reasons for choosing one over the other, much like they did in some parts of Choice of the Vampire, and then let your character behave accordingly in later scenes. (Whether said reason was because you wanted fame, because you couldn’t bring yourself to condemn an innocent kid, because you thought your sidekick stood a better chance at defending themselves, because you realized for whatever reason that your sidekick (especially Pressie) was a traitor, etc.)


Or that prodigal is your sidekick aka sparrow


I just saw that the latest update (1.1.1) comes with a guide on how to get a perfect Legend score. Evidently, the maximum Legend you can get now is 70 instead of 100, which would explain why the post-update Legend scores are so much lower than usual.


Everything worked just fine for me, except the legend score that was usually 60-70 for me at the end did go Down to like 50 or 45, oh and, I didn’t like that every sidekick was bad, at least one shouldn’t of been



They weren’t all bad, one was just manipulated via blackmail.


did the patch come out for pc ver or just the hand held


“Version: 1.1.0
Updated: Thursday, September 27, 2012
Language: English (United States)”

Seems to be out on PC.


Actually, there’s a new 1.1.1 with the Legend Guide. I need to release it on Chrome.


I know this thread has been dead for a year+ but, I just got both Heroes Rise and the first one is still on 1.1.0 for chrome… curious if there is still a plan of getting 1.1.1 on chrome still?


I too am curious about 1.1.1 being released on Chrome. Honestly, I have put off purchasing Heroes Rise 2 hoping for this. @jasonstevanhill any comments?


I just asked Dan to update its version of CS so I can upload the patch.


Ok, the 1.1.1 patch is uploaded.