Strategy Types - Hero Project

The game mentions there are guides out to help figure out how to stick to a particular strategy type, but I have yet to find any. The perfect legend guide is a bit vague in how to get a perfect legend in that regards. Am I missing something?

Check the Heroes Rise Facebook page. They have guides for each strategy type.

I had checked on there but didn’t see anything. Where do I need to look?

Oh, in the pictures section. I found it, but thanks.

Can u post a link to the guieds I can’t find them

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Another question in hero project what’s the difference in the stats screen were its says unleashed and control like which is better

@vampierkid222 There is no ‘better’ option. Both are valid.

@vampierkid222, looks like the more you use your new Powers, the better you become at them. I stuck to control, personally, and did just fine, but evidently the judges on the show were not happy with me for that - attitude, which has to do a lot with their secret agenda, I guess…

Unfortunately, due to my visual impairment, the format of the stratagy guides posted on facebook, is completely inaccessible.
Would anyone be able to post them here in text?
If not, can you e-mail them to my e-mail,

Hi Guys , I need help in Hero Rise : The Hero Project
Can you guys give me a walkthrough how to get at least 75 unleash stat?

Just use your infiny powers and you will rise unleash.