Even Bother to Try?


Prodigal was by far the BEST character in the Heroes Rise series, and it was a little bittersweet going on a final adventure with her, knowing HeroFall is going to be the last installment, which really depresses me since this series was my absolute favorite and I’ll never forget it.

Is there any way, any path at all to stop Prodigal from dying? I found her to be the best character to romantically pair up with (it was a strange love/hate relationship) but there’s seems to be nothing I can do to prevent the Infini Cancer from killing her in the end.

Has anyone found a way to save Prodigal? Is there anyway to stop her from dying in the end or should I not even bother trying in that area?



As of now? You mean new pathways could potentially be patched in later?


@Harian No. The only patches likely to happen would be to fix bugs and such, but anything to do with the story itself is pretty much set in stone.


There is no way to save her as of now. She will die no matter what you do


I really believe its better let her die, it’s more heroically and tragic. She caused a nuclear holocaust and killed lots of people. So now she is a saint? If she live she would still mad in an asylum or in a jail due she tried to kill an entire city with a big nuclear reactor!. Then she becomes love interest and people forget about it??? I know you kill millions Hitler, but you are so awesome romance and hot. Its same problem I’ve got with BM, but he at least has not caused a nuclear holocaust yet.


Maybe the author will reconsider and bring her back somehow? Some of the forum members on the other thread gave really good ways to bring her back


Well, there is hidden scenes and Alternate Endings that the author will post soon. I am hoping there is a way to save her or tell a different ending that she is still alive idk I guess we have to wait and see.

And I do agree with you posion_mara, she was a dangerous character with major problems. If I want Prodigal to come back alive I would like to have the ending with my MC and Prodigal to spend a romantic night together again before she dies or we run away and become a couple like Bonnie and Clyde. Lol, people just love a in depth character who has a dark side, she was insane, and needed help because she lived a lonely life of obsessing over her mother and the MC. My POV of Prodigal is that she never experienced love and she never knew how to be part of that world. She was always in the shadows and followed her own law. I personally saw that she was broke and lonely that I wanted to show her love before and after her death. She was a nemesis to the MC but she was also a huge part of the MC’s life. She wanted to kill the MC out of envy and hate but after the Death Wave she still continue to watch over the MC as a creepy guardian angel that later became a twisted ally or lover. If she was truly a villain she would never had loved the MC. She didn’t want to die alone or at all but she couldn’t cure the cancer and she knew she was dying and nothing matter to her anymore but to find the truth about her mother. She didn’t want the MC’s help because Prodigal was losing her powers it was because she wanted to be with the person she only knew her whole life, the MC. Her death was a eye opener to the MC if you romanced her or not the MC knew this girl wanted to be loved and never be forgotten. She wanted to show the people that Victon was a bad man who killed his first family. He was never to be trusted, without Prodigals warning and research being exposed to the MC and the people then Victon would had become a hitler. More than her self. He was the true villain of the series not Prodigal.


An alternate ending where the MC runs away with Prodigal?

Yes… that could have been interesting…


Indeed. They’ll live a happy , dangerous, adventurous, life.


@Mara don’t you believe in redemption?


I’m sometimes tempted to maybe write a fanfic based on that alternate ending…like what if she and the MC had a child? I wonder how that would turn out…


@jcury Hitler,Mao Stalin Pol pot Franco, Musolini… Manson Mengele were no able of redemption, period. Your beloved serial killer caused a nuclear explosion and killed tons of people. The fact of romance, her dont make her a saint imagine she survived and have a jealousy attack and wipe and entire city… or end jailed or in a asylum she is better dead.


I like the romance part because I find it to be like a forbidden love which makes the whole relationship more interesting.

Plus Black Magic just seemed like a mentally depressed whiner… Lucky was okay…not as well developed as Prodigal though.

As a villain, Prodigal was the most impressive character (you can’t have heroes without the villains) but as for redemption…

Well she did save the MC from being depowered and ultimately died by her own hand (overusing her infini powers) but at least she TRIED to redeem herself… even though that couldn’t make up for the Death Wave…


in my game the “death” wave didn’t kill anyone,(because i killed her) so it was fairly easy for her to redeem herself.
really sad that she died,but it did make a very good,bittersweet ending.

plus in my game, jenny died as well,so at the end my hero lost both of his best friends,
and broke up with black magic.

tragic endings ftw! (crying commence)

at least i saved my parents,freed the crush, and stopped victon.


AdamGoodtime, deathwave didn’t killing anyone because of high legend score (above average, i think), not because you killed her. You can spare her and still save hundreds of peoples. But if you have low score, then you “hesitate too much”, no matter which choice you do.

Anyway, Prodigy killed bunch of bandits, 1 civilian or sidekick and i don’t know how many peoples behind the scene. But she still sexy and cunning, why it must be problem to save her at least on “lawless/evil” path?



Hmmm The MC and Prodigal having a child? That’ll be interesting, she may raise the child just like her how she raised herself. With the little help with the MC.



Yeah that would be interesting… two infini parents…


@Draakon i’m just saying that she didn’t actually kill anyone(in my game)who wasn’t a criminal(i chose for her to kill sparrow,which was herself).
because of this, it was(in my head-canon)easier for her to be redeemed/accepted as a pseudo-(anti)hero by my MC and the populace.


Yeah I suppose so Adam…I mean, if she didn’t exactly kill anyone, or atleast not as many, I’m not sure how the populace would deal with her. Now you have to consider how you love her, you are literally the most powerful person in the world powered wise, I’m not sure anyone would try to complain seeing as she would be protected by you. Look at it this way from the populace: “She killed hundreds, but…she is now protected by the one person that could cause a nuclear reaction to literally kill everyone in my general area…I’ll let it slide.” That would most likely be the reaction yes? Especially if you have a alot of Feared at the end.