Does this game become more interesting?

I played a few minutes of this but it just kept boring me :stuck_out_tongue: does it become more entertaining as the story progresses?

It depends on what type of games you enjoy and what you’re looking for in a game. Which of the Choice games did you like?

I enjoyed Heroes Rise, however I think if you didn’t enjoy the demo then you won’t enjoy the full game.

I enjoyed several of them such as Broadsides,Zombie Exodus, CO Zombies,Life of a wizard,Sabres of infinity,Mobile Armored Marine, CO Dragon, CO Vampire,To the city of the clouds.
Anyways I only have a smartphone and the use of computers at my local library & for some reason demos don’t work on my SP and I don’t see the sense of reading in a library haha.
Anyways I really put down some pointless information -_- I apologize.

If you didn’t like what you played of Heroes Rise already I don’t think you’ll like the rest of the game.

Yeah your most likely correct about that. But who knows I may watch a Superhero movie or something and be in the mood to read it sometime haha

I didn’t actually find it very much like Superhero movies. At least not the general hollywood blockbusters. It didn’t have the Batman/Superman/X-Men/IronMan/Avengers style vibe to it.

Maybe like Mystery Men or even Hancock, although I wouldn’t have classified Heroes Rise as comedy, but it seemed more along those lines.