Couple of questions


about how long is it of a game
what does the game offer exactly
on the demo it showed some tease romance thing is it just tease or is there more of a romance plot in it as well


What the Hell are you talking about?


Heroes Rise, I presume. I’ve not tried it myself but it’s supposedly 100,000 words. That’s a fairly reasonable length.


I would personally refrain from buying it.
I mean it is just like 3 bucks so you could want to support the author to have him write more games. But I think I played through it in 20-30 minutes first time.
The game is very linear actually and from what I’ve seen you HAVE to join a super-hero orginization. And you HAVE to get a sidekick that you will train.
And yes there is a romance, which I think is forced upon you.

Also lol @everyone who doesn’t read what category the threads are made in.


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Assuming you are indeed speaking of Heroes Rise as CJW has surmised, I’d say that the answers to your questions are:

  1. The game is very lengthy.
  2. The game offers the opportunity to play a young superhero who can fly as well as create and control electrical energy. This includes, but is not limited to, throwing lightning bolts and making energy shields.
  3. There is a significant romance plot, but it’s very linear, much like the rest of the game. If you don’t like its trajectory there isn’t anything you can do to change it.

As long as you’re happy with the course of the game you will probably enjoy your first play-through. If you don’t, then you’ll realize what other people do on their second or third playthroughs. Your choices are pretty much all illusions. Nothing you choose to do in the game really matters, the story will be pretty much exactly the same regardless. The game has very little replay value, but if you like your first play-through then you may decide it’s worth the price. I didn’t, as I was frustrated at all the bone-headed things my character did to advance the story in the direction the author desired. The story had a lot of potential, and there were a lot of things I liked about it, but the narrative was just too heavy-handed with my character for me to enjoy it as a “choice” game.

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thanx and yes i was talking about hero rises that is why i posted in that section of the fourms or what ever it is called :slight_smile:


I would ask, what did you think of the Heroes Rise demo? If you enjoyed the demo, I think you’ll enjoy the rest of the game as well.

The game is very lengthy - it took me many hours to play through.
The game offers the opportunity to role-play as a young superhero, taking on the world and getting in over your head.
There is a romance plot, but it may feel kind of forced like Mass Effect 2’s romances.

In contrast to @P_Tigras I thought it was well worth the price. I enjoyed it far more than most games available for Android - and the format is perfect for on-the-go gaming where you may have a few minutes of downtime here or there.

The choices you make do have an effect. They don’t change the destination - the game is very much on rails - but they change how you get there. And this game is all about the journey, and telling a personal story. My hero had her own personal story, and I felt an emotional connection to my hero - which is more than can be said for most games.

***SPOILER ALERT*** My hero started out as a loaner, ready to take on the world. She ended up a vigilante on the run from the law, feeling like a failure, but with a new-found appreciation for her parents, and a hope of joining a superhero team and thus finding redemption. ***END SPOILER***

A different replay with a different hero - with a different mindset and outlook on life - resulted in a very different story, despite going through all the same set pieces. I felt Heroes Rise was more than worth the price, and I recommend it.


I disagree with @Ragnar’s assertion that if you enjoy the demo you’ll enjoy the rest of the game. The demo does not give you much of an idea of just how severely the game is going to railroad you. Personally I think the demo is a lot of fun, it’s what happens after the demo ends that I have major issues with…

I of course also vehemently disagree that a different replay can result in a very different story. I can’t go into more detail without dropping spoilers. The thread has numerous reviews of the game, including my own, starting with the 2nd page. Be warned that the deeper into that thread you get, the more spoilers you’ll encounter.