Redemption Season Only Two Books?


I’m not sure if anyone else has seen this but Zachary Sergi recently posted this on Twitter

I guess I’m just kind of wondering everyone else’s thoughts on this? I am… unsure how I feel. I don’t feel good about it but I can’t really articulate why. On one hand, I wasn’t a huge fan of Redemption Season so I’m fine with it only being two books, but I don’t think I like the idea of my original MC’s story ending in a book that’s not about them.

I’m not sure, I guess it will all depend on the book itself and where Sergi goes from here but I am… disappointed? Apprehensive? I’m not sure. Thoughts?

Edited: Also I’m really not trying to complain or whine or anything. I just heard about this and I’m really just trying to sort out my own feelings on it and hear how everyone else feels.


I guess it doesn’t surprise me given the reaction to the last book. I’m guessing he’ll go back to working on versus?


It sounds from other posts that there will be more HR games but… not about the orginal MC or the RS MC?


I certainly hope he isn’t ending it due to reception, but I feel optimistic about it ending, since he said that the future of this universe is still bright. I don’t think Redemption Season was unsalvageable.

I don’t really consider this the end of the original MC, though, because I feel like the MC ended in the last series, and that this was just a cameo. I certainly hope that my MC and Jury can get their closure, though.


I think that’s a big part of why this bugs me, honestly. My main MC romanced Jury and the original Trilogy ending was fine with me but then RS came along and killed that and now a part of that story feels incomplete… not that them breaking up couldn’t have worked but how it happened was just so poorly handled.


It bugged me more that my character turned up married to lucky when I really didn’t like his character in the game.


It is kind of lame that we didn’t really get a say in what happened afterwards. I mean, it would be one thing if the MC didn’t have a role in the new games but…


Let’s be fully honest.
What Sergi is doing is what we see in countless tv shows:
He has no ideas and is trying to write… something. (Though, granted, at least he’s not as bad as Supernatural)
I know it sounds cynical, but the 'bringing back early seasons/main franchise chars, unfortunately IS a telltale sign of something having jumped the shark.
People have already cirticized that the ‘story’ of THP strikes them as threadbare and more of an excuse for Sergi to drop anvils that are not necessarily his to drop.

Though, hey, if he ever wants some help with overhauling his setting and writing a HR:Redux, my twitter is the same as my name here. :wink:


Little confused–did you not romance him? That’s kinda messed up.

I’m not sure I’d go that far, since he’s writing Versus. While it’s not my cup of tea, I hear that that’s actually a pretty good series. I think that HR is a guaranteed paycheck, for him, though, and it makes sense that he’s pursuing it in that case. I can’t fault him since, hey, money, but I think that he could have some ideas if he let them stew a bit more and develop them further.


No it was weird as. I only romanced BM (who then went off the rails anyway) but never showed any interest in Lucky. I’m not sure if it was written that way if you didn’t have a current interest at the end of the last book, or if something wonky happened to my save. I’m kind of guessing the former?


If… maybe.

However, and I honestly find it sad, he seems to be at a certain state every writer seems to reach at some point:
the one where you throw stuff in for the fans without any regard if it makes sense or not. If that comes at the point of either writer’s block or when you’re out of ideas, that’s a devilish mixture.

Which, might easily have happened here.
Again, I am speaking from dreadful experience. I might not be the best writer, but I learned a couple of things by now, and as said, if Sergi is willing to listen to and work with someone like me, I’m here.

Well, let’s hope Sergi did not go with ‘yeah, I’ll have them end up with Lucky no matter what’… like, remember how you IIRC can’t pick who to save if you start from scratch at HR2? And how the game assumes a lot of stuff about how you fared while asking for… well, irrelevant stuff?


I could be completely wrong, but my impression was that Jury was never meant to be a love interest but was made into one by fan request. Still, breakup could’ve been handled differently if he was needed for the sequels for something else that no other char could sub in for.


He was iirc.
Which is what I meant with throwing in stuff just because the fans demand it. Especially if your heart’s not with it.
Again, as said, I know how hard it can be to say
’No. I won’t write this thing, but you are free to write fanfic’


I had no idea whatsoever. It sounds to me like it’d have to be a bug. Do you know if anyone else experienced it?

And this was the best fan request and is completely justified. In all seriousness, though, there is definitely a line for when it’s okay to fulfill a fan request and when it’s better not to. Like, Jury? Totally cool. Prodigy? Weirder, but also cool! It was also a fan request to give us an option not to get involved with BM.


Yeah, I saw the posts on twitter and I was pretty surprised, I was wondering if I’d read them wrong or misunderstood or something? I thought Redemption Season was planned to go over three books. I feel like Sergi tends to try to cram a lot of information into not that much space, but this seems a little strange



You say this as if you think I want to see him fail.



That’s the impression I got too? I can’t recall exactly where–i think Facebook?–but I know at some point Sergi said he wanted this series to go longer.

It felt to me like the inclusion of more Original Trilogy MC content (and this is just my guess) was in response to the frosty reception HP got and the comments from people who said they missed their old main character more than they were interested in the new one, and this definitely also feels like a result of that reception. Frankly, I also wouldn’t be terribly inclined to keep going on something that garnered the response this one did.

Overall I trust Sergi as a writer–controversial or not I’ve enjoyed every game he’s put out–but this definitely doesn’t feel like a story decision so much as a reader response one, so I’m trying to reign in the trepadition until I get to read the actual thing


Oh yeah, I don’t mean that he shouldn’t have made Jury a RO. If the fans of the book wanted it and if Sergi was cool with writing him in as one, go for it! But what I meant is it seems like he had other plans for Jury that never included him being a RO, but wrote him in as a RO anyway by request which ended up in what we’ve seen here as he needed to get him uninvolved with the previous MC again for the series to continue. That kind of ended not so well.

No idea if it was just me or not. I guess it is possible my save did something weird and didn’t work properly if others didn’t get the same thing. You’d have to find someone else who ended up without a RO at the end of the original season to work that one out :slight_smile:

@Carlos.R That is the most evil looking otter I have ever seen. Since when do they have vampire teeth?!


I’ve seen eviler

(Imagine if the Redemption Season MC turned into that for a day)