THP: Redemption Season Question(definite spoilers)


Hello everyone,

So I finished The Redemption Season game and I thought that it was really fascinating how the author implied that it might be possible to join the InfraCircle. Depending on what type of character you play, as an Ani-Powered individual it might actually make sense to join that group, despite the fact they are clearly shady.

I found the character Culic to be pretty interesting, and other than Prodigal, I thought Sergi seemed to develop Culics background little bit more than some of the other villains in the series. He also left open ended questions about his gender, breaking out of prison and family. So I am speculating what kind of role the InfraCircle might play in the next game, and was really wondering what some of the other fans of the series thought about it!

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After the first one, I think I’ll wait a bit after it’s released and see if it has the same problems before I go throw money at it.


Yeah, I’d prefer to wait until the next book is out.


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I totally get wanting to wait until the next book is out, but I think that would sort of void the point of speculation. : )

My main interest is on what peoples thoughts and opinions are about it.


Culic is a big reason why Ani-powereds are so feared. It’s hard to convince others that stereotyping is wrong when your every action perpetuates those existing stereotypes. My MC wants nothing to do with Culic as a result, and would happily do everything possible to bring him to justice.

That said, I’m with @Jinx_the_Atomic_Cat and @moonwalkerdragon, I’m not going to immediately pick up the next one. I’m going to hold off and wait until I’ve read the reviews.


I think it’d definitely be a fun avenue to explore, especially if playing an MC who’s getting increasingly more frustrated with the way the world is treating them. If I wasn’t 80% certain that if we remain on Loa Shift’s good side, we’ll have the option to have her ‘fix’ our powers, I’d probably consider doing a playthrough where I side with the InfraCircle. :sweat_smile:

I’ll be getting it when it comes out. :smirk:


I try to get all of the play through options when I purchase a game like Heroe’s Rise and if there is an option to join the InfraCircle I will definitely play that option out. It would be so diverse from the first game that I would really curious to see how Zach handled it.

I also thought Culic was a relatively intriguing character. Some of his past experiences that the player witnessed through speedy’s memories made his anger seem more understandable. That absolutely doesn’t mean I condone what he has done, but since the author made Prodigal a redeemable character I could see Zach doing that with Culic as well. Since Culic had a tendency to deliver speeches, he might turn into a famous Orator for Ani-Powered folks. It would be fascinating to see if he ever became a potential romance. Zach seems to have a more open and excepting view of different types of love, and this option would feel very different from Prodigal. Also it could be an interesting villain romance route if that’s the character type you are playing. Although, if I recall correctly he frequently wrote about how hideous his mosquito face was and that his voice was annoying. In fact, throughout the second game your character actually expresses a fair amount of bigotry against Culic specifically based on his appearance, which I think may have been intentional. Anyway, I would really like to see him return in another game just to get more information on the character.


In your opinion. In mine she still a psycopath and the world is better without her.


Ehh, I wouldn’t be that excited for the option. I’d prefer to be a loner hero, and with the heavy slant previous Heroes Rise games have taken towards Team-based gameplay I’d still prefer for him to have a chapter of us on our own.


Oh, so I used the term redeemable due to how in one of the books I thought it implied the population thought she was redeemed. In the last one or the new one, it says something like "prodigal was a confused villain turned martyr who history would remember as a ultimately heroic figure, even though she was really flawed’. I’m sure my quote isn’t exact, in the game it was probably phrased better. But now that I’m thinking about it, maybe that was just one specific ending depending on the relationship the character had with her. I have no strong opinion on her redemption going either way.

I think the Crush was also considered to be a really evil person before he was brought onto the hero project. They made that guy a judge. So I guess it really boils down to the individual player and what they consider reedemable or not. You don’t consider her to have been reedeemed. Cool beans


The way the world see her depends on your relationship with her, mine was quite low, so she was still seen as a villain.


I’m really new on the forums so I don’t know yet why some people have concerns with it, but I will probably be getting it when it first releases too!


If you really want to know, you can read it here: Hero Project: Redemption Season News and Discussion


Oh gosh. If you’re really interested, most people voiced their opinions in the main discussion thread for THP that launched around the time it released. It’s a long read.

Edit: Woops. Urban beat me to it. :sweat_smile:


Thanks for the response, so on the topic of our heroes accidental (or not) bigotry! I was really surprised when our character generated a energy fly swatter to take him out. I remember thinking “oh boy, that’s not going to make the ani-powereds watching the show like us!” For example, If I was an Orca Whale, I’d be pretty mad if a hero specifically generated a harpoon on me lol!
I try to get a lot of the play throughs done too, but I don’t think I have them all finished. I try to complete each romance (which sounds a little creepy lol) and do a run single too. So if Culic was a romance I guess I’d give it a shot, and pick him before some of the other options if they seemed boring.


Thanks Lithophene and Urban for the links! I will probably hold off on reading it tonight because I’m sure it’s long with at least a few arguments :smirk:.


I wanted to join the InfraCircle as of Heroes Rise. Little Jagged would’ve been the Bonny to my… Other Bonny.


For more on people’s opinions of her:


Ok, May I be totally honest here when I say that I haven’t actually read any of THP threads. I know it’s odd when I actuall love the game but others comments can be off putting.


Huh. I never understood the obsession with Prodigal. Yeah she was comical in an insane way but at the end of the day, she was still insane. I have respect for her sacrifice in saving my MC and exposing Victon, other than that I feel nothing more for her. She was still a villain and I was a hero, we’re on two very different wavelengths and no way could I grow a love for her.