Black Magic's Past

Hullo! I’m pretty new around here but I played the Heroes Rise trilogy and I enjoyed it a lot. Really looking forward to playing it again. I finished one playthrough through the entire game and of course, I wanted to try again to get all the twists and turns. I was just really curious if a route exists where you can discover Black Magic’s past? The whole series he (or she, but I’ll use he here) has been shrouded in mystery. Is there any payoff to that?

(I desperately hope there is)

And if yes, no spoilers, please! I just want to know if the route exists.


First of: Welcome to the forum, enjoy your stay <3

Then: That’s a question that has not yet been answered. IIRC someone once tried to ask about it (when Sergi said people can ask everything if they can name all Infinis) but only got the answer that ‘it’s too complicated and can’t be posted on social media’ or something to that amount.


Thank you so much for the welcome! ^^ Really glad to be here.

Gosh, I let out a cry of anguish at that answer. Is there any possibility that it would get revealed in the future? I really wanted to read about it in the last book but I suppose the idea that BM’s backstory is complicated and possibly heinous does fit my guess.


To be quite honest? I don’t think BM actually has a backstory. What we got of it was solely there for the drama and all. And when people weren’t as amazed as intended BM was discarded, if you look at it closer.

If you want a fulfilling backstory for them, you need to ask the fandom, not the author.


I have to agree with you, although I really don’t want to seeing as BM is one of my favourites in this series :stuck_out_tongue: I quite like how “messed up” their methods were and thought they would have a dramatic backstory reveal in the series too.

I’ll take your advice and look for fandom content but if I don’t I suppose coming up with my own made-up backstory would be fun as well. Thanks for replying (and the welcome)!

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Hmm really? I know it’s been a while since I’ve read /played the series of games for it and could of sworn I had seen something in game that said or at the very least hinted at part of BM backstory now has me curious will half to do more playthroughs at some point to sate that curiosity lol


well, there’s something in the games, but it’s a ‘tragic past’ there to invoke pity with the character, which quickly got dropped in the second game after people did not like BM as much as intended.

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I replayed The Hero Project again today and I did manage to get this:
screenshot of BM’s backstory
^spoiler warning

(I think there’s another page or so but I forgot to take a screenshot.)
I was very pleasantly surprised! I didn’t think there was more information about his past but there is :partying_face: